Saturday, July 22, 2006

From Seneca Lake and the reunion to Sacramento

Seneca Lake scenic
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It's 6:40 p.m. and it is 109 degrees outside. Yup, 109 degrees after nearly a month of basking in upstate New York's 80-degree days. And yes, you weather watchers, we have what's called 'dry heat' meaning that the humidity is only about 20 percent, compared to 99 percent sometimes at Seneca Lake.

But gawd, 109 degrees is hot... And the state is declaring a power emergency which could mean rolling blackouts. Better get the beer and wine on ice, pronto.

Already the memories of chatting with everyone at the See Zurh House Friday night and Saturday evening at Webb's seems like they are fading, at least until I flip back to some of the photos. I hope that people who used their digital cameras will send along some for posting - even if they seem repetitive. I've about exhausted the ones sent by Randy Carlson and Shirley Adams. If not, well, I guess I'll have to go back to the yearbook and start pulling out shots again.

After the reunion, Admiral Fox and I spent a nice week at Seneca Lake, boating and traveling to a few of the wineries frequented by Bob and Donna Swanson on their annual Seneca Lake wine pilgrimage with other area folks. I even shipped a case of New York wine back to California to give as gifts, one bottle of which I will be presenting to the president of my university who specifically asked me to bring him some of New York state's finest. (OK, I might not have gotten him the absolute best, but it is a notch up from Uncle Homer's Red. Sorry Bob & Donna!)

We also climbed a little waterway that runs right near our Valois house, called, appropriately, Breakneck Creek, to find a swimming hole we had gone to several years ago.

I could certainly use that swimming hole right now, though I am refilling my hot tub with cold water in anticipation of the air conditioning and electricity being dumped in the next few hours.

Seneca Lake swimming hole
Breakneck Creek swimming hole

Seneca Lake creek waterfall
Admiral Fox tests the water...

In the reunion euphoria, there was a lot of talk about a 45-year soiree and then a 50th reunion, good goals both. But for either of them to happen, classmates, please do your best to keep in touch with each other.

And please remember, too, in the spirit of John Rupp and Kathy Widrig and all of our other amigos who have passed away, that there is a network of folks if you need to reach out. (Yes, those same ones who only a week ago were dancing and drinking and having such a wild time.) I know I'm already making plans for a return to Lakewood next summer for a mini-reunion and intend on pestering people via email from now on.

Live long and prosper, my amigos. And thanks for a great time at the SWCS Class of '66 40th Reunion.

It was, as we used to say, a real blast.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Class of '66 reunion - the party isn't over

VALOIS, New York - There is a great scene in the movie "Animal House" in which the late John Belushi says, "Over? Over! It's not over until we say it's over."

I kind of feel that way about last weekend. I had so much fun - and so much fun reconnecting with people - that I don't want to let it go.

It's not over until we say it's over.

Ok, it's over for right now...

But, so is my New York trip for this summer, as the car is packed for the trip to the airport and tomorrow I will be in Sacramento where it is expected to top about 107 degrees. When I refill the hot tub, I won't bother to turn on the heater.

But I promised a number of folks at the reunion that I would keep posting photos and stories and news updates about classmates for a awhile.

And I still have a video to edit.

By the way, if you to to and type in SWCS or Class of '66 in the search you will pull up lots of the photos I have posted.

And if you would like the highest resolution version of the group shot at the beginning of today's posting, let me know and I will email it to you directly. Some folks don't have fast enough Internet connections to take the 1.3 MB file...

Great reunion amigos. More reunions, please.

At the table

Rick Shevalier (standing at right)

Steve Larson and Pete Dawson

Jim Lindell, seated

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dance Fever Saturday gives way to skating & picnic

More Dance Fever
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MIDWAY PARK, New York - The wild gyrations of dancing Saturday night (some of which is shown in the top photo) gave way to roller skating and a picnic on Sunday at Midway Park.

Admiral Fox and I had to pass on the event, heading back early to Valois to avoid the heat in our non-air conditioned Buick (which made the trip quite nicely, thank you very much).

The pictures below came courtesy of Shirley Adams. More skating/Midway pix and other shots from Randy Carlson should be posted in the next few days.

In the meantime, enjoy these.

Picnic lunch at Midway Park
Chowing down at Midway

More of the picnic crowd
Another lunch-in-the-park photo

Mick Olson
Mick Olson skating by

Linda Hanson, Linda Davidson, Barb Bunce and Shirley Adams
Linda Hanson, Linda Davidson, Barb Bunce and Shirley Adams

Dance Fever hits the Class of '66 reunion

Dance Fever
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MAYVILLE, New York - The dancers didn't care about the heat or the humidity in the back deck area of Webb's Resort Saturday night, while they twisted, did the fly, the stroll and who-knows-what else after dinner.

Mixing mostly fast-paced songs with occasional slow dances (so we could get our pulse rates back down below 100) the DJ did a fabulous job of keeping everyone going.

Those who didn't want to struggle with the elements stayed inside and chatted.

I received an avalanche of photos from Randy Carlson and look foward to receiving any others folks want to send along. Over a period of time, I'll be posting them and also seeing about transferring them onto a CD (or two).

And I did get a peek at some of the video I shot.

Oh boy!!!

I don't know about most people, but I didn't look carefully in the envelope Randy & Jim Lindell and the committee provided at the reunion Saturday, but there is a hilarious sheet of facts about 1966.

Did you know that Kiefer Sutherland was born that year? Or that the federal minimum wage was $1.25? Or that the number one song on Billboard's top 10 was The Monkee's I'm a Believer.

No kidding, I couldn't make up that thing about the Monkees.

So, check out that sheet, for sure, and look also for a forwarded email from me from Bud Hooper that he sent the day of the reunion. Good stuff.

Here's several more shots from Saturday night.

Bryan Larson, Svea Shelberg, Sue Howard and ?
Bryan Larson, Svea Shellberg, Sue Howard and ?

Ken Sonne, Steve Sewell, Mrs. Sewell, Mrs. Flanagan, Dan Flanagan, Mike Coon
(left to right:Ken Sonne, Steve Sewell, Mrs. Steve Sewell, Mrs. Dan Flanagan, Dan Flanagan and Mike Coon)

And a special thanks to Bud Hooper for grabbing me a brick from the rubble at Lakewood Elementary. Although I am purchasing several (one in honor of John Rupp) through Tom Priester, this brick will have a place of honor here in Valois New York at our Seneca Lake House.

It even comes complete with some mortar on it for authenticity.

Monday, July 17, 2006

SWCS Class of '66 Reunion: some Day 2 photos

MAYVILLE, New York - My photographic & technical incompetence remains, but I have been seriously bailed out by Randy Carlson and Bonnie Anderson already.

And, if you have noticed the photo at the top here, I hope to see some shots from Linda Davidson and Sue Guertin sometime, too.

My head is still reeling (and not just from the numerous $7.50 glasses of wine at Webbs). So many people, so many memories. I've been writing notes as fast as I could ever since we left, to jog my memory for future musings.

I'm posting just a few shots at a time and will try to figure out a rational (and easily accessible system) for people to find pictures.

One quick way to see larger versions of these photos is to click on them, which should take you to, where I have them all posted in their original size. The newest photos I am posting in full-size, so when you look at it (or download it to your computer) you should get lots of details.

My apologies to people who would like the photos to be just a little fuzzy. Sometimes technology is a little too good.

More photos later today or tomorrow, my amigos. It is already 90 degrees here in Valois and headed toward 100. Seneca Lake is callling.

Bonnie Anderson and ...
(from the left) Bonnie Anderson-Byrne, Bryan Larson, Lee Anderson (seated) Mrs. Lee (Marge Anderson) and Sue Siecker

Golfing buddies
The Golfers - names to follow, but try your own hand at identifications...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A migraine kept Cheryl Towers from the reunion

Cheryl Towers
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PITTSBURGH, Penn. - Three days of a migraine headache (leading up to this weekend's Class of '66 reunion) kept Cheryl from attending she told me today in an email.

I would have mentioned it earlier, but I was so flummoxed by the combination of my camera not working, endless glasses of Pinot Grigio at Webb's and dancing to "Shout" with Shelly Kales that I didn't post her news.

Sorry Cheryl, you missed a wild party.

And today a large contingent of folks were going to Midway Park for rollerskating and a barbecue.

Admiral Fox and I bailed, however, opting instead to getting back to Seneca Lake before the nearly 100-degree temperatures were predicted to hit. The Buick made it, though without airconditioning it was still damned hot the last hour.

I also neglected to mention that in addition to getting lots of kudos at the reunion for doing this blog, Gloria Boutelle presented me with an entire case of Mallo Cups as a special thanks.

Gloria Boutelle
Gloria Boutelle

Gloria, my dentist will probably hate you, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Class of '66 reunion night II - Photography help!

MAYVILLE, New York - The second night of the SWCS Class of '66 reunion was fabulous - a great cocktail party, followed by great food, followed by hours of dancing.

The only non-fabulous part was the camera I was relying on for this blog took the opportunity to take unusable photos. Not just fuzzy - totally unusable.


But there at two pieces of good news:

First, there were at least a dozen other people taking tons of photos who, I hope, will forward me some shots by email for posting. I especially hope to get one of the group shot - even my fuzzy version is interesting.

Second, I took video (which worked well) of the dinner and a LOT of the dancing. I haven't reviewed the entire tape yet, but if it shows all the jumping and screaming, there will be some good stills to pull from it - and it might make just a good video to distribute if I can make it into a 'rockumentary' using some of the stills and music.

If you have photos from night II and could send me a couple via email, I would appreciate it.

In the meantime, here's two more photos from our earlier foray at the See Zurh House in Bemus.

Craig Fransen & Sharon Ticknor
Craig Fransen and Sharon Ticknor (Class of 69, I believe...)

Randy Carlson & Larry Nelson
Randy Carlson & Larry Nelson