Friday, March 02, 2007

Diane Delancy's email and a photo of the Ruppies

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - My email contained this brief missive yesterday:

Diane DeLancey Nolly
e-mail and street address:
Diane Nolly
8525 White Rabbit Trail
Littleton, CO

So we can guess it's the same Diane Delancy we knew from the Class of '66, who signed my yearbook "I hope we will always be good friends and drinking buddies."

Considering that I haven't talked to her since 1966 - or shared a beverage (that I remember) - it's safe to say that I didn't keep up my end of the bargain.

Diane! Come to California, the drinks are on me...

Diane Delancy

While I was rummaging around in the yearbook, grabbing a copy of Diane's photo, I also kept getting frames of Linda Davidson (isn't that a great shot of her?), so I'm including her photo from the yearbook, too. Linda was at the reunion last summer and I have lots of photos of her dancing up a storm...with the rest of us.

Linda Davidson

In other class-related news, I'm happy to report that John Rupp's wife Paula and their daughter Noelani are safely ensconsced in a new condo in Vermont. Paula sent along the shot below of the two of them, titled The Ruppies.

Paula said that she and Lani will be visiting Mexico at the end of April - Puerto Vallarta of all places! I will miss them by about a month, but it's nice to know they have passports and we can time the visits together in the future.

Oh-my-God! This just gave me a great idea for a class reunion.

How about holding a reunion in Mexico? The food is cheap, the margaritas intoxicating and the weather gorgeous, nearly year round. And I bet I can find hotels a lot cheaper than Webb's Resort to stay in. For the price of a weekend stay at Webb's, I think I can find you a beachfront palapa for a week or more, complete with a guy who brings you cold beer and cooks any fish you catch.

Of course, there is the small matter of airfares, I suppose.

Details, details...Don't bother with details. Let's start planning una fiesta right now.

Paula and Lani Rupp
Paula and Lani - The Ruppies