Friday, December 02, 2005

Hello Mary Lou & Cheryl Towers in Pittsburgh

Hello Mary Lou
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PITTSBURGH, Penn. - The great danger in sending me any photos of yourself (and friends) is that they will go up on this website.

Maybe danger isn't the right word here, exactly.

Anyway, this afternoon I received this photo of sunny Pittsburgh with Mary Lou McCloskey (Class of '65) at the helm with Cheryl Towers looking mysterious in the sunglasses.

Cheryl said there is a really long story involving police, Australians, a dog and some bikers involved with this photo. But for a full account of that, you'll have to go straight to Cheryl.

But that is one helluva motorcycle.

My Class of '66 blogging has been quite hit or miss lately - more miss than hit - for which I apologize. I have one more week of pounding journalism into undergraduate skulls and then I'm done for the semester and I only have my writing contracts to fulfill and (drum roll please) some time to figure out how to play a guitar my friend Sanders Lamont lent to me.

I tried to learn how to play the guitar when I was about 15 but had no patience at all. I'm not sure I have the patience yet, but I just figured out a couple of chords and my fingers don't hurt too much, so maybe this time I'll get past "The Farmer in the Dell" in the song book.

I eyeballed a nice Roy Orbison song book when I picked up some new strings for the guitar. (Sanders bought the guitar two years ago in Zihuatenejo when he was helping me move Sabbatical from Z-town to Puerto Vallarta, so it has some great memories attached to it). But I decided that before I tried to attempt to play "Pretty Woman," I had best master a few of the basics or else this beautiful musical instrument might end up like the guitars owned by El Kabong, from the cartoons.

(What the hell was El Kabong's little sidekick's name? Was it Babbalouie?)

Time to get back strumming.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Still searching for these Class of '66 folks

Classmates list
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LAKEWOOD, New York - I received the list in the photo with today's blog from Randy Carlson.

These folks are ones the reunion committee is still having trouble tracking down.

If you can shed any light on where to find them - or better yet, just contact them directly and have them email me and send their contact information to Randy.

In case the photo is hard to read, here's the list:

Judy Abbott Galati
Sheryl Allen Beree
Kathy Anderson
Nancy Anderson Cavalier
Kathy Baker Walz
Dan Beckstrom
Jim Bova
Kathy Bowman Scott
Doug Brandow
Phil Calavitta
Dorine Danielson Kelly
Sue Ducat Getska
Linda Foster Cross
Bob Fulcher
Chris Henderson
Linda Hetrick Gill
Linda Himes Knott
James Jackson
Pamela Sue Johnson
Dave Jones
Marti Jones Upson
Darlene Koterass Pattyson
Elaine Kwiatkowski Frentz
Bryan Larson
Roberta Lindbeck Knight
Gary Lucas
Judy Nau Dunn
Jack Nobbs
Jerry Nelson
Carol Nunn Morganti
Jon Ostrander
Doug Pillsbury
Janice Pratt Scott
Sue Pratt Grey
Melanie Robertson Reynolds
Ann Sivi Johnson
Dan Sundquist
Greg Taft
Diane Thorpe Hackett
Bob Tyler
Jennifer Wall Breland
Jessie Doud
Jim French
Ellen Hurt Galena
John Limberg
Denise Norell
Ken Sonne
Conrad Wilson
Thomas Wrinn