Monday, March 13, 2006

Standing on the corner, watching the world go by

JAMESTOWN, New York - I'm sure that 35-plus years ago, I stood on this corner a lot, long before the wheelchair ramps were installed and those cute lamp posts were put in.

We have those same lamp posts right outside my house here in Sacramento, though I don't have any of that white stuff I see on the ground.

It was on Third Street in Jamestown that everything seemed to be: the Carnahan's, the Eckerd Drug Store, Bigelow's Department Store - even the jewelry store next to Bigelow's where I bought my first wife's engagement ring (on credit, of course). We'll let that whole part of my life ride for now.

Just before I left New York for points west in 1970, I trundled about the downtown streets of Jamestown working for the Crown Dental Laboratory delivering packages here and there to dentists like Drs. Greenbaum who had offices over the top of the Woolworth store. I don't remember very many elevators in the buildings. In fact, except for the Hotel Jamestown and Bigelow's, I don't remember any.

But don't put too much creedence in that. I'm also the one who couldn't remember Pauline Lopus from the SWCS Guidance Department. Plenty of you did. (Thanks for the emails.)

Third Street was also the auto cruising spot, I remember, though the Jamestown Police were not always too friendly to our repeated passes through downtown along 3rd Street.

Anyone remember what was on this corner, circa 1966? I'm sure it wasn't a savings and loan branch with cute benches out front. If there had been benches, I'm sure I would've spent some of my time camped out on one.