Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A special announcement about the next reunion

JAMESTOWN, New York - Here's the latest announcement for this summer's July 7 class reunion for the 1960-1970 grads.

If you can't read it in this format, click on the notice itself.


SWCS announcement

Obituary for Roger Seiberg

JAMESTOWN, New York - I received this email this morning from Gayla Swartzman, sister of Dana Bolles and the late Rhonda Bolles.

Roger's obituary from the Post Journal follows her missive.


Hi mike, this is Danas sister Gayla Swartzman. Wanted to let you know that Roger Seiberg passed away on sunday 1/21/2007. He was 55 yrs. old and graduated with my sister Rhonda. He was living in North Tonawanda. His obituary is in the post journal, tuesday 1/23/2007. If you need more information, please let me know. Thanks.


Seiberg obit
Roger Seiberg's obituary from the Post Journal

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Class of '66 is still looking for classmates

JAMESTOWN, New York - Randy Carlson sent along the following list of folks who the class just hasn't been able to locate yet. Have you see these people or have any idea where they might be?

Bob Fulcher
Bob Fulcher

I was in touch with Bob Fulcher's sister Terrie a few years ago, but her email suddenly went out of service and so that was that. She was living in Florida.

I had photos of these two classmates close on hand from the list.

Debbie Stabler
Debbie Stabler

Tom Wrinn
Tom Wrinn

Here's the entire list:


Mailed and returned or no current address Last known address

Kathy Bowman Scott
Diane Delancey Nolly Newport News
Linda Foster Cross
Bob Fulcher Cabot, Ak
Cubby Gleason Cortland NY
Linda Hetrick Gill
Ellen Hurt never had address
Pamela Sue Johnson
John Limberg
Roberta Lindbeck Knight Aurora, Co
Denise Norell never had address
Doug Pillsbury Hasbrouck Hts, N.J.
Melanie Robertson Reynolds
Debbie Stabler Melec Essexville, Mi
Ann Sivi Johnson
Diane Thorpe Hackett
Thomas Wrinn never had address

Please send email addresses to Mike F.
Street addresses should go to Randy C.