Thursday, April 02, 2015

Former SWCS business and typing teacher - Mrs. King - has passed away

JAMESTOWN, New York - I received news yesterday that Mrs. King - who taught many of us to touch type - passed away March 30.

Follow the link below, provided by Jennifer Schlick, to the Class of 1974 website for the full story.

And thanks Jennifer, for letting us know.

LINK: Details about Mrs. King

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

News about former SWCS classmate Gary Shenkle

TACOMA, Washington - I am not sure exactly what sent me chasing down Gary Shenkle, a classmate of ours who left New York probably at the beginning of our sophomore year at Southwestern.

Maybe it was our upcoming reunion in July - the 60s reunion on July 11. By the way, I believe the Class of '65 is having its soiree July 10, in case you want to crash that older crowd's party.

In any event, for those of you who might be able to put a memory to that name, Gary died about three years ago, the law firm where he had worked told me. The law firm's name is Luce and Associates if anyone wants to try to get more details.

Gary Shenkle and I kept in touch after he moved for a few years. He toddled off to Wallingford, Conn. where I know he played some instrument in the high school band. Then I lost touch until maybe 10 years ago when he suddenly contacted me because of something I put on one of my blogs.

I think he accused me of being a liberal and we had a quite a lively email dialog. I am liberal by the way, as if that isn't obvious.

Gary had a younger cousin named Courtney, too, who I believe graduated from SWCS a year or two behind us.

The only other bit of intel I have about Gary is that at one point he was dentist in upstate NY - supposedly in a dental practice with Jim Burke (Class of '64?) Burke was active in football, wrestling and track and I remember him (Jim Burke) telling Nels Carlson (the Lakewood cop) that he was going into dentistry because he could make a lot of money

Gary gave up dentistry, got a law degree in Idaho and crossed the state line to Washington where he worked as a lawyer, specializing in medical malpractice. 

Dental malpractice.

RIP, Gary.