Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time to order an official Class of '66 reunion T-shirt

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. - Randy Carlson and Jim Lindell say that if you want to buy a Class of '66 T-shirt or sweatshirt, the time is now, amigos.

I bought one of each.

You can order by simply emailing Jim at

Jim Lindell

Jim says no cash up front is necessary, but he needs the orders sometime soon - which I translate as probably within the next week.

All this reminds me that I should get moving and make my airline reservations, too. I've been wobbling about exactly when to come east - and how long to stay.

So many upstate New York wineries to visit, so little time.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Carol Nunn and Allan Winger - classmates reunited

LANGHORNE, Pennsylvania - Allan Winger took one look at the list Randy Carlson passed along and realized that Carol Nunn was practically a neighbor.

Here's Allan's email that he sent me with the photo you see here:


Carol Nunn (Morganti) was still at the address that you gave us yesterday. I took my daughter and a camera along. She was really surprised when I gave her my ID Card and she read my name. It's been forty years. We had a nice long talk with her and her husband Phil. She wants to come to the reunion. I gave her copies of that Reunion stuff that Randy Carlson sent us all.

Oh yeah, she's really looking hard for Roberta Lindbeck Knight. So if you hear anything, pass it on to me and I'll make sure she gets it.


Allan also sent along this photo of Carol with her husband Phil:

Carol and her husband, Phil

Anyone else been able to sleuth out someone from the most recent list?

Anyone have any photos?

In the meantime, there's a couple of other items for your attention.

First, this from Gloria Boutelle:
Gloria Boutelle
Hi again,
Gavert, McIntire first name is Darlene not Susan.
Also Kathy Widrig Bradley no longer has an email address but her snail mail address is 172 Little Creek Drive Rochester, NY 14616. Wish someone could talk her into attending reunion.

Oh!!!! And one more thing. Marcia Carlson sent along this missive:
Marcia Carlson
Not sure if this is of any use to anybody, but I can add a snail mail address to your list. You never know, I might see one or two classmates on this side of the pond one day.... Steve, I recognise the location of your recent picture. I believe you’re standing on the Millennium Bridge, on the south bank, near the new Tate Gallery. Next time you’re planning a visit, do contact me! Perhaps we can organise high tea or a pint somewhere...

Marcia Carlson Hein
87 Granville Road
Hillingdon, Uxbridge
Middlesex UB10 9AF

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots...

Originally uploaded by Brite light photos.
SACRAMENTO, N.Y. - As I wrote the headline for this entry, I realized that some people might think I received another nastygram from someone.

Nope. Sorry to give that impression.

But given the relative slowness of snail mail from Western New York to California, I could have another little piece of un-fan mail on the way - little indeed.

The purpose of today's blog (Purpose? He has a purpose today?) is to post a list of names and the street addresses
(or post office boxes) of classmates. These are addresses for folks for whom we do not have any email contacts, but who have been sent a letter inviting the folks to July's festivities. Randy Carlson says he thinks the addresses are pretty solid, so...

I see a couple of folks on the list living here in California (Julie Smith and Ingrid Lundgren) who I'm going to get in contact with. I drive by Julie Smith's town on the way to my sailboat every weekend. And when I go to San Francisco, Ingrid Lundgren lives in a very nice part of town where Admiral Fox and I go for lunch frequently.

I don't know if I will be able to cajole either Julie or Ingrid to come to the reunion, but if they do live at the addresses listed, I will try to find out a little about what they are up to and have been doing to share when we all get together.

I know everyone is busy as a cat covering shit (learned that little expression living in Lakewood..), but if you took just a minute and dropped an actual note (with a stamp, amigos, with a stamp) to someone on that list and asked them to get in contact with you, they might respond. Time for the personal touch.

Below are the lists, which, as with other images, you can click on to get a bigger, more
more 57-year-old eyes friendly list. Oh! And see if you recognize our classmate in the photo at the bottom...

Class List I - SWCS, Class of '66

Class list II - SWCS, Class of '66
Ingrid Lundgren, from our yearbook