Saturday, January 21, 2006

Drop a note to a former SWCS teacher

SWCS Teachers update
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JAMESTOWN, New York - Randy Carlson just sent around an email reminder about the reunion that included a list of teachers with addresses, and in several cases, sad notes that they have passed away.

He may have sent this around earlier and I never saw it, but what a gold mine.

Thanks 'R' and whoever put the list together.

I know I've mentioned a lot of the folks on that list in various blogs and suddenly seeing their names again - and knowing that they are alive - has cranked up the memory meter again, especially now that the anesthesia from my knee surgery has passed through my system.

I mean, Harold Burgard lives on Pork Road in Clymer. He must be, well, somewhere in his 80s, right? "Every time a noble dies..."

Harry Robie has take up residence in Kentucky. He jump-started my writing career by publicly accusing me of being lazy (I was), and telling me I was wasting an incredible talent (I'm still faking that...).

And Ethel (Enserro) Goller. Gawd. Can't go there.

So in my second day of slacking around the house, unable to do much more than reach for the Motrin and the TV remote, I'm going to pen (it's a phrase, even I can barely read my handwriting) a letter or two to Harold, Harry and Ethel and maybe some others.

Harold, Harry and Ethel: sounds like a title for a British sitcom.

Throw in Hubie (Hubie Davis) and you have a smash hit.

Friday, January 20, 2006

What now-famous actress does Gloria look like?

Gloria Boutelle
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Some people loved their SWCS high school yearbook pictures - other people hated them.

Put me in the 'hated-them' category.

I don't know which category Gloria fits into, but when I was looking at the yearbook today, I got stuck on her picture and saw more than a passing resemblance to an actress who has been all over the big screen for years now.

No fair scrolling down, I'll get to it.

Some years ago in one of my classes (called Literary Journalism, an obvious oxymoron my English Dept. colleagues say) I had a young student who bore a passing resemblance to Cybill Shepherd (a young Cybill Shepherd, not the middle-aged woman who does such a fine job imitating uber-bitch Martha Stewart in made-for-TV movies).

In that particular class, I frequently write pieces along with the students, hoping to demonstrate my compentence (or lack thereof) to show that it can be fun, not just work.

But I touched off a riot in the classroom when I wrote that one of the women in the class "bears more than a passing resemblance to Cybill Shepherd," without naming who it was. I also refused to give up the name, even after being plied with copious amounts of alcohol by very persuasive coeds after class. There's some parts of teaching I will miss when I retire.

Last year - 15 years after writing that piece - I ran into that former student in an airport, and damned if she doesn't still have a passing resemblance to Ms. Shepherd. (Remember Shepherd in Moonlighting with Bruce Willis? Well...that's who my former student still looks like - Shepherd, not Willis...)

Anyway, it might be because I saw Mystic Pizza the other night (and either Ocean's 11 or 12) that when I saw Gloria's photo in the year book, the resemblance came into focus.

Get it yet?

It's not the hairdo, which was very chic in 1966. No, I think it's the lips and nose (Sorry Gloria, is this too embarrassing?)

So who is it?

Julia Roberts, of course!

In this photo, Gloria Boutelle bears more than a passing resemblance to actress Julia Roberts. Keep looking at it for a second (and please forget that Julie Roberts was ever married to Lyle Lovett... Banish that image.). The resemblance is there.

So after this, I think I should keep thumbing through the yearbook to look for resemblances to other famous faces. Who knows who lurks within the pages of that red-covered book?

Hoo-boy! Any nominees?