Saturday, July 09, 2011

A great time at the SWCS Class of '66 reunion in Jamestown

JAMESTOWN, New York, USA - The SWCS Class of '66 reunion at the Allen Park Men's Club - which is not in Allen Park by the way - was a great success Friday night.

There was great food to share, a barbecue, and enough SWCS nostalgic chatter to make most people happy.

Many of the folks at Friday night's soiree were also planning on going to a 10-years-worth-of-classes reunion tonight.

Adm. Fox and I had to bail on that - we had an obligation back in Valois.

Along with the usual SWCS suspects, former high school music teacher Dalton Berringer and his wife came to the event. Both had a great time.

Shirley Adams took some photos to mark the event. I posted them on Facebook and below. Nice job Shirley...

I filled in caption information as best I could - if anyone wants to send me additional names (of spouses, for example) I will be happy to add them...

Mike Coon, Barb Bunce, John Schultz, Scott Garlock

Steve Yarnell, Randy Carlson, Jim Nelson

Doug Hooper, Sylvia Fox, Mike Fitzgerald

Roxanne Hooper

Ken Sonne, Mick Olson, Linda Dawson, Pete Dawson, Dan Beckstrom

Larry Nelson, Jim Lindell, Mike Coon

Linda Davidson, Bob Swanson and Sharon

Greg Taft, Lee Johnson, Ernie Hartman Laura Sweeney-Hartman, Pat Johson