Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dave Carlson is off hiking with his son

Dave at the Rim
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FLAGSTAFF, Arizona - Dave Carlson is not too far from where Jim and Pam Carr live, hiking with his son and won't be back for our SWCS Class of '66 reunion in Jamestown, either.

This photo was taken at the rim of the Grand Canyon and just seeing the way he is leaning towards the edge makes me a little queasy.

I hiked around there years ago in the winter, climbing around the slippery edges. Scared the crap out of me.

Here's Dave's note, which some of you might have received already via email...


Here's a photo my son took of me at the Grand Canyon last week. He and I drove to Utah and rafted/kayaked down the Colorado River through Catarract Canyon, from Moab to Hite Marina. I paddled a kayak through more rapids than I ever expected and we both had a blast! We're heading to Carlsbad Caverns, next, and will be a quite a few miles from Lakewood, next week. So I'll not be seeing y'all at the See-Zuhr, but I'll be thinking of you back in Chautauqua County, reminiscing.

I may be in Lakewood later in the month. I'll try to look you up if and when I get there. Fair warning! And if you're ever in the Raleigh, NC vicinity, look me up and I'll buy you a drink.

BTW, if you're ever driving on I-40 through Oklahoma City and you're not a vegetarian, stop at the Cattlemen's Restaurant. It's in front of the national stockyards and serves the most tender steak I've ever eaten!

See you later!

Dave Carlson
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Jim & Pam Carr add their regrets to the list

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Jim and Pam (Johnson) Carr have added their names to the list of folks that can't attend next week's Class of '66 Reunion in Bemus Point and Mayville.

This photo was taken of the three of us in Michigan a couple of years ago, just before Jim left GM to head to sunnier climes.

They will be missed at the reunion and without Jim in residence, I'll have no excuse to drink Grey Goose vodka. What will I do with that quart of the stuff that I bought?

Here's the missive from Jim & Pam:

Following the lead of Bob Tyler, and a growing number of others, our regrets and a short update.

First, let it be known that we'll miss seeing you'all, getting reacquainted, exchanging stories, and reminiscing.

Second, Fitz is not psychic, he just had early warning.

Since the official announcement of the reunion, Pam and I had been planning on attending. About 1 week before I was going to squeeze the trigger and purchase our airline tickets, our daughter called and asked for a favor. She was hoping that we would take care of our granddaughter for a week (she will be 1 year old in August), but recalled that we were heading to New York for the reunion sometime in July. After more discussion, it became obvious that we had a conflict and it was major decision time. Needless to say, it's babysitting in Wyoming, and creating some new memories.

For those interested in what is going on in our lives. Pam and I live in Phoenix, for the 2nd time. In September 2004 we purchased a second home in Phoenix, with the plan to find a job, and move back. After spending the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays of 2004 here, and returning to Michigan and work at General Motors in January, it was a simple decision to leave all the unpleasant things associated with working at GM and get back to the climate and lifestyle we enjoyed previously. In a relatively short amount of time, GM and I came to an agreement, we sold our home in Northville, Mi., and moved in March 2005. I dabbled in retirement and consulting for several months, then found an opportunity at Pulte Homes.

Besides the job, I play a lot of golf, and tinker with the toys in the garage. We have both gotten back with all our old friends in Phoenix, as well as made lots of new ones. Quite frankly, it's like we really didn't leave.

We have lived in Charleston, SC (1972-1974), Penn Hills, Pa. (1974-1975), Madison, Oh. (1975-1984), Shelby Township, Mi. (1984-1992), Phoenix, Az. (1992-1998), and Northville, Mi. (1998-2005). Our children. Lisa (32) lives in Alpine, Wy. She's a full time mom at the moment. Her husband recently left his teaching position and is going full-time into land development and home construction. Michael (29) lives in Boston. He received his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineer from Boston University in May, and starts his pursuit of a PHD in September.

If you happen to be in Phoenix, we can be found at:

310 E. Mountain Sky Avenue
Phoenix, Az. 85048

Party on !

Jim and Pam

Friday, July 07, 2006

See you next week at the See Zurh House

SeeZurhHouse outside
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BEMUS POINT, New York - One week from today I will be piloting a 1992 Buick Century with a rattling transmission and sporting a full complement of Western New York rust spots from Valois to Bemus Point to rendezvous at the See Zurh House.

If my wife Sylvia and I show up a little late, or with the Buick being towed, it won't be that much of a surprise.

But we will be there.

Saturday night we will rendezvous at Webb's Resort in Mayville, but Friday's informal get together is likely to be as big a gathering - maybe even bigger - as I've received some communications from people from other SWCS graduating classes saying they might drop in.

Oh boy!

The See Zurh House is not as, well, seedy looking as it was in the 60s, thanks to a major remodel. Of course, in the 60s, the price of draft beer was infinitely more important than the decor.

Maybe it still is. Hmm...

SeeZurh bar
See Zurh bar

SeeZurh deck
See Zurh deck

Who is coming for sure?

Randy Carlson passed along this list of attendees but said he still has a couple of people who he is pretty sure are coming but for whom he is missing confirmation forms: Allan Winger and Dave Carlson.

Allan! Dave! Email Randy to let him know what's happening...

And for God's sake show up so I can buy you a beer/soda Friday night.

Here's the list:


Louie Acquisto
Shirley Adams
Bonnie Anderson Byrne
Linda Anderson Dawson
Dan Beckstrom
Dana Bolles
Gloria Boutelle Olson
Barbara Bunce Garlock
Randall Carlson
Michael Coon
Linda Davidson Yartz
Jack Eckdahl
Michael Fitzgerald
Daniel Flanagan
Craig Fransen
Sue Guertin Chandler
Linda Hanson Olson
Joann Harp Swanson
Doug Hooper
Sue Howard Johnson
Marianne Jim
Lee Johnson
Michelle Kales Franke
Bryan Larson
Steve Larson
Linda Larson
James Lindell
Cathy Lindstrom Prince
Gary Lucas
James Nelson
Larry Nelson
Stephen Olson
Ward Romer
Stephen Sewell
Svea Shellberg Weidner
Richard Shevalier
Susan Siecker Saullo
Sabra Smith Nazar
Ken Sonne
Mark Swanson
Robert Swanson
Greg Taft
Cheryl Towers
Craig Young

Classmates 44
Total attendees (including escorts) 72

Kathy Anderson Gmerk will attend, but after dinner Saturday night, Randy reports.