Monday, November 14, 2005

Breathalyzer tests before SWCS dances?

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ALBANY, Calif. - There was a column in today's San Francisco Chronicle about how a high school in Albany, Calif. is going to test its students with a breathalyzer before letting them into school dances.

It seems that a number of students are going into these dances half in the bag and the school wants to stop it.

Here's the column itself.
  • Chip Johnson

  • What's fascinating about the column is that it doesn't really address the issues of consequence for the students - other than that they will be sent home.

    Sent home. Terrifying!

    I remember walking into a couple of SWCS dances with a little beer (and sometimes Southern Comfort) in my stomach, but I was also so terrified of getting caught that I probably acted more straight then when I was, well, straight.

    I don't think whomever was chaperoning those dances would have settled for just sending me home. And if they did, well, come Monday morning I would have (at best) been sentenced to a lifetime of detention with Mrs. Kistler at the front of the classroom. (Oh, the horror!)

    I also remember when people got into serious trouble - like arrested for stealing a car for example - they seemed to just disappear into some void. I don't remember them ever coming back to school boasting about how they boosted someone's Chevy.

    This posting probably says as much about me as it does the school district that wants to educate the students about alcohol abuse instead of giving the students a couple of months of community service for showing up tanked at a school function or sentencing them to the equivalent of detention in 2005.

    I shouldn't read the Monday morning newspapers so closely, especially when I have to teach undergraduates today - all of whom have likely not read the chapters I assigned for my lecture or done the writing assignments due in class. There's been an epidemic of ill grandmothers this semester and an outpouring of grandchild concern that has been keeping them from their university studies.

    Final exams for the university are only three weeks away, however. And I won't be taking any breathalyzer tests on my students before they walk in to take a humdinger of a final.