Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Email addresses and coming to Mexico in February

VALOIS, New York, USA - I sent out a missive last week about some missing addresses and got a good response from people who were able to track down some of our classmates.

Of course, I am still missing lots of emails for our classmates, but so it goes...

The Five
Five SWCS Class of '66 guys

Of the five classmates above, I have everyone's email, except, I believe, Dan Loucks (on the left). If you have contact info (even if not an email), send it along and I will phone or write to him directly.

And check out Allan Winger's newest writings... Perhaps he is related to the late Stieg Larsson...

Now, about Mexico and our reunion in February:

In my emails with various non-Class of '66 members, several have expressed an interest in coming to Mexico when the Class of '66 will have its yet-to-be-planned activities.

Sounds good to me, so unless I hear strenuous objection, I think we should post something on the other SWCS Class lists and see who shakes out and wants to come sit in the sun and drink margaritas in February.

The dates are Feb. 4-11. But if you come in earlier, or later, well, it will still be lots of fun.

Sailing by La Manzanilla
Sailing by the La Manzanilla beach