Friday, May 05, 2006

Dance to the music amigos, here's two responses

Righteous Brothers
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gloria Boutelle and Shirley Adams were quick on the email response yesterday when I put out the call for people to send me some of their favorite tunes.

In Gloria's case - besides promising to bring me some Mallo Cups at the reunion - she sent the list you see below. So what's the deal with Mallo cups? Well, you see, I believe they should be a controlled substance, at least for me. That and Chunky candy bars. Oh! And Grey Goose vodka and...

Here's Gloria's suggestions for music for the reunion:

Old Time Rock N Roll
by Bob Seeger
You've Lost That Loving Feeling
by the Righteous Brothers
Unchained Melody
by the Righteous Brothers
It's All In The Game
by Tommie Edwards
Dance To The Music
by Sly and The Family Stone
And also
Play That Funky Music White Boy
Wake Me Shake Me Monie, Monie
A Little Bit of Soul
Electric Slide
I'll Be Seeing You
Only You

Bob Seeger

In Shirley Adams' case, she just said:

"We must have some Beach Boys songs, please."

I'm with you Shirley. Be true to your school, Round, Round, I Get Around, Help Me Rhonda -- What would a 1966 class reunion be without those Beach Boy songs (and a dozen others).

Anyone else have some song picks? My list is too long to post just yet, I'm trying to cut it down to 100.

Beach Boys

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Send in your music for the Class of '66 reunion

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. - I'm a dedicated Apple ITunes user - and I have an American Express bill each month to prove it.

But the fun part has been rediscovering so much music from the past.

Right now, Hernando's Hideaway is blasting in my ears, downloaded because it's the only tango in which I seem to be hear the beat. Why is that important? Well pilgrims, in a weak moment I agreed to take some dancing lessons.


And yes, the tango is among the six that we are learning. Learning might be an exaggeration. The tango is among six dances that we are being exposed to.

(Note to all women taking dance lessons, wear shoes that can withstand tromping by your dance partner's feet.)

But all of this music downloading and cha-cha moves and the foxtrot - oh-my-God don't forget the foxtrot - has made me think about what kind of music we will have at our Saturday soiree in July at the reunion. (Friday night at the Bemus saloon, I hope the jukebox has a few oldies. One-two, cha,cha,cha.)

So, I propose this:

How about if everyone reading this sends me the name of one or two of their all-time favorite songs? It doesn't have to be from our era, exactly. I will compile a list (posting some of the songs as we go along) and eventually pass it along to Randy Carlson and his reunion crew.

The hardest part is which couple of songs.

Hell, send me your top 10 songs.

And yes, I will print any Barry Manilow title, if you're brave enough to send it in.

Barry Manilow

I've learned to play I Can't Smile Without You, which makes my granddaughter groan when I get out my guitar.

Forget Copacabana, however. And if anyone sends in Tiptoe Thru the Tulips by Tiny Tim as a favorite, I promise to keep your name confidential...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some photos of classmate John Rupp

John at Christmas
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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vermont - Paula Rupp was kind enough to send me a nice note and several photos of John.

The one here at the top is from Christmas time (note the Christmas lights, detectives), the other two that follow are from just days before he passed away.

Paula captioned the one with the cap as "Facing Future."

The other shot is of John with their daughter Noelani.

I have been quite remiss in my blogging responsibilities - both here and at my other blog site - which I will try to remedy in future days.

But whether I get my writing engine revved or not, it's May, classmates, and that means that less than three months from now, we will take Bemus Point and Mayville by storm as the SWCS Class of '66 reunites.

John Rupp lakeside

John & Noelani