Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Bemus Point Friday for Class of '66 50th reunion

BEMUS POINT, New York - The first night of a doubleheader SWCS reunion (July 1 and July 2) will take place in Bemus Point, a place many of the members of the SWCS Class of '66 spent many fun hours.

Some of those fun hours were spent in joints like The Surf Club or the See-Zurh House.

The details of what will be taking place - and exactly where - are sketchy at the moment. That said, the Jamestown High School Class of 1966 is also planning on being in Bemus that night. Bemus should be hopping.

The Surf Club was purchased by the Ellicottville Brewing Company and has been remodeled, so it's a good bet. There is also the Bemus Bay floating stage nearby. As of this writing, the floating stage does  not have a band set for July 1. But they will, I suspect. I seem to remember that Dana Bolles is a pretty good musician. And Dan Sundquist? Well, he has a collection of guitars and ukuleles. 
See-Zurh House

Anyone want to put together a band?

If you are attending the Saturday night event in Mayville at the Chautauqua Suites, seriously consider the Friday night soiree, too, in Bemus. Details will be published here as soon as I get them.
 ALSO! Randy Carlson reports classmates have tracked down missing Class of 66' grads' Diane Delancy and Darlene Koterass. But he is still missing any contact information for Judy Nau Dunn.

If you are planning on attending - and haven't contacted Randy, please do so - and let me know so I can post your name here on the website.

See in Bemus Point.