Sunday, February 18, 2007

The reunion this summer will be exactly when?

JAMESTOWN, New York - So it's February and in the East - from reading the weather reports out here in California - it's unlikely dreams of summer have started yet.

Wait, let's think about that. Maybe dreams of summer are all that anyone is thinking about.


But by all accounts the July 7, 2007, 10-years-worth-of-SWCS graduating classes is still on.

My plans are still in flux (Where is flux, anyway?) for the summer with job stuff, Mexico stuff, Seneca Lake stuff and, well, just stuff...


But I hope we get a good Class of '66 turnout at the July 7 soiree. If other people have some dates in mind in addition, let me know and I'll post it here. (Even if you are simply going to be in the area, give a shout, si?)

The July 7 date looks unlikely for me to be in Lakewood - at least at this moment - but everything that far out from today's date is certainly subject to change.

In case you forgot how much fun last summer's party was, here's a few photos to remind you.

Later amigos.

More Dance Fever
Dance fever

See Zurh House scene
See Zurh House scene

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Dan Flanagan, Class President & First Lady
Dan Flanagan, class president and First Lady

Skating crowd
The skating crowd