Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bob Swanson sends full lyrics for that drinking song

JAMESTOWN, New York - Classmate Bob Swanson has sent along the full chorus & lyrics to the drinking song I referenced yesterday. Thanks Bob!

Here you go:

Cheers, Cheers, to Southwestern High
You bring the whiskey, I'll bring the rye
Send the freshmen out for gin
And don't let a sober sophomore in
Juniors never stagger
Seniors never fall
They sober up on wood alcohol
While the royal faculty
Lies drunk on the bar room floor.

Also, Bob noted that Gunnie Nelson, owner/operator of the Pastime Restaurant in Lakewood (across the canal from the Rod & Gun Club) has passed away.

I spent many hours and many dollars at the Pastime, which had pretty good bands back in those days. I actually met my first wife there, now that I think about it. I'll leave all that for another day.

Wine drinking

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The seven graduations were looong, but good

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The seven graduations - even lugging the university 'mace' went as well as such things can, with only a few goofs in the program and more than a few students whose exuberance was fueled by alcohol.

If I had been a student (and not sitting up on the platform) and had any advance warning about how dull some of the speeches would be, I might have dosed myself with a little Grey Goose before the ceremony.

Interestingly, one group that graduated at 8 a.m. probably had the highest percentage of smashed students marching up to get their diplomas.

What was that song we used to sing?

Seniors never stagger,
Juniors never fall,
They sober up on wood alcohol,
And the loyal faculty,
lies drunk on the bar room floor.

Or something like that.

I only muffed my lines one, stumbling over the pronounciation of Dean Sanjay Varshney.

Oh sure, it looks easy from where you are sitting right now. Try saying that name in front of 2,000 people while your goofy hat is falling off your head.

Michael at graduation
Standing post with the university mace

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas greetings from Dianne Hagglund

JAMESTOWN, New York - The following Christmas missive goes out to all classmates from Dianne Hagglund, to whom I apologize if I misspelled her last name - I'm in San Francisco on my way to Mexico to celebrate Christmas on a surfboard with a margarita in my hand.

Here's Dianne's note:

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.You talk of the cold and the frozen lake.Not this year ! It has been very mild ,the lake isn't frozen and today the temperature is about 44.

I was also thinking how different the holidays are now from 40 years ago.Then we wanted that new sweater or shirt, money or any other gadget we thought out friends might be envious of.Today we all want about the same thing.We want health,happiness for our children and granchildren.We also want health for ourselves so we can enjoy the time we spend with them.So that is what i wish to all of you this Christmas season, health and happiness!

I had earlier this year suggested we all write in Mike's blog. Since i didn't get to talk to everyone at the reunion, maybe you could write and tell us a few of the things you have done since we walked tha halls of SWCS.

We know what Mike is up to and Alan,and a few others.

Another time i will let you in on my 40 years after SWCS.

Take care everyone, stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your family to the fullest. Until we meet again in the summer of 2007,

Dianne(also known as Hag)

Dianne Hagglund and amigas
Diane and her three amigas last summer at Bemus Point