Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How about a week-long Class of '66 reunion in Mexico?

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After I posted a blog a few days ago about how quickly 2011 is coming up, I was hit with several questions.

First: Exactly when would such a reunion be?

Second: Is it safe to travel in Mexico?

Well, in order, exactly when isn't my choice (it is yours, too), but I would suggest the second or third week of February, 2011 - and make the reunion the entire week.

Maybe have it span two weekends so that people could get a good bang for their travel bucks.

Playa Chica One
Playa Chica at sunset

I don't have any set agendas - except to say that my wife Sylvia and I would be happy to host at least one wing-ding party here in Arroyo Seco at our Pink Flamingo Bar and Recreation Center. Ok, it isn't really a bar yet, but plenty of recreation goes on. And would there only be one party here???? Doubtful... more likely we would use the Pink Flamingo as the launch pad for all week.

In terms of recreation, between La Manzanilla, Tenacatita and Arroyo Seco, we have miles of largely deserted beaches, dozens of great restaurants, hotels, motels, houses-to-rent and camping accommodations.

And for activities, well, there's the obvious water sports: swimming, fishing, snorkeling, boating, boogie boarding, and surfing. In addition, there is hiking, shopping (lots of shopping), golf, beach volleyball, bocce ball and, and, and... 

And in February, it is warm, amigos. Warm. Like 80-85 degrees during-the-day warm. At night? Maybe in the mid 60s.

Sasha starts to run into the water
Favorite swimming hole

And is it safe to travel to - and in - Mexico?

Well, I obviously think so.

The Admiral and I live here six months a year in the Costalegre and feel safer than when we live in Sacramento, California. A lot safer.

That said, I would not spend any time in Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana or any other Mexican border town. But then I am really nervous when I drive through Oakland, California to visit my one son who lives there, too. Really nervous.

Ditto for going through the Bronx when I am passing through New York City visiting relatives.

Whale ho!
When boating, sometimes you have company

So, how about it? A reunion week

I already have one person from the states who says she is in for sure and planning her itinerary.

Y tu?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Time to get 'serious' about a Class of '66 reunion - in Mexico

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - So, where does the time disappear to? Two years ago, sitting in a rented house in La Manzanilla (10 miles from here), I posted a blog suggesting that the Class of '66 should have a 45th reunion here in the winter of 2011.

About a dozen people responded with a 'You bet,' (or something like that)...

Well, the winter of 2011 is coming up fast.

Really fast.

So if this is going to happen - and it would be fun, amigos - some minor amount of planning needs to be done: dates, accommodations for housing, accumulation of boogie boards and snorkel gear, ordering of tequila for margaritas, etc...

Vacationistas in the surf at Arroyo Seco
Beach at Playa Grande in Arroyo Seco

My wife Sylvia and I live Arroyo Seco - a small village that has great beaches and fabulous people - three hours south of Puerto Vallarta and one hour north of Manzanillo. Both cities have good airports and ground transportation.

And we have a big piece of property in the center of Arroyo Seco that would be good for a party or two during a reunion. We now call the place The Pink Flamingo. That's a long story, better told later.

The best accommodations - hotel rooms, rental casitas, etc... - are down the highway a few miles in La Manzanilla. La Manzanilla is on Tenacatita Bay, a relatively famous place for vacationing and, at last count, has about 40 restaurants.

Almost all of them are pretty good, too.

Bay in front of La Manzanilla
Beach at La Manzanilla

So to make this a short story: If the Class of '66 has a 45th reunion in February, 2011 here in the Costalegre area of Mexico - how many people are in?

And for the record, if it's a reunion of 100 people fabulous!

And a reunion two?

Equally fabulous!

Here is a link to a website about La Manzanilla:

  • Visit La Manzanilla

  • Hasta luego, amigos.