Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mr. Dominey from SWCS has passed away

LAKEWOOD, NY - I received word from Dan Beckstrom that the Jamestown Post-Journal ran a death notice for Gordon S. Dominey, better known to us as simply MR. Dominey from SWCS.

I don't have access to the full obituary since the PJ has put up a firewall to keep non-subscribers out.

You might think they would let people see the obits. But...

In any event, what follows below is a Class of '66 post from 2012 about, yes you guessed it, Mr. Dominey:


LAKEWOOD, New York - Classmate Jim Nelson was in Jamestown recently and ran into former SWCS teacher Mr. Dominey.

Like most of our teachers, none of these people ever seemed to have first names (unlike Dalton Berringer). I think his first name is Gordon, but I wouldn't bet my retirement checks on it.

Here's part of Jim's report on his close encounter:

I was with my mother waiting for my wife to conclude some shopping at the Chautauqua Mall when an elderly gentleman and his wife came out of the store.  My mom recognized this guy as an old golf league partner and neighbor.  She asked me if I knew who this gentleman was.  The man looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place him.  

It turned out to be Mr. Dominey from 8th grade Social Studies who is now 90 years old and living in a retirement home in Gerry, NY.  He looked great considering that I took his class 50 years ago.  After talking about the class, he recounted how he kept students in line with a pinch on the shoulder (similar to the Vulcan nerve pinch utilized by Mr. Spock) and, at some point, was told that he could not do that anymore by the powers that be.  After hearing that, he then told the administration that he would be retiring in two years.  

For the record, I never was on the receiving end of the Dominey nerve pinch and always thought Mr. Dominey was a great teacher.

Jim Nelson 


Also for the record, I never got one of those pinches, but I did recall them years later when I had my children. My daughter was an angel (of course!!!) and my three boys were well-behaved. But there were a few times when I used a little gentle Dominey pressure on the back of their necks to keep them under control. (Usually from whacking each other.)

Here's Jim's photo: