Sunday, August 07, 2016

Thanks Classmates for the thank you card & gift! Wow!

POINT RICHMOND, Calif. - You got me! Totally!

After our amazing 50th SWCS Class Reunion, I went into full-tilt moving-mania mode. My wife Sylvia and I had just sold our house in Watkins Glen, NY and were in the process of moving from there to our new digs here in California.

The whole process of moving was nuts. But this past Thursday morning we arrived after a one-week, cross-country drive in our Toyota Tundra, arriving safely here in Point Richmond.

So it wasn't until yesterday - Saturday Aug. 6 - I began sifting through a mountain of mail and found this fabulous thank-you card (below) with a Barnes & Noble gift card inside... 

As I said, you got me!

It's a tribute to some teacher somewhere that I could read every single inscription. (OK, I did have to use some pretty powerful reading glasses. But still ... ) 

Thank you all for your thoughtfulness. You're a great group and we did have an amazing 50th reunion, didn't we?

Let's do it again!