Tuesday, July 05, 2016

REVISED video from Class of '66 50th reunion is up

MAYVILLE, New York - The 50th reunion of the Class of '66 of SWCS was - as we used to say - a total blast.

I had sooooooo much fun, I devoted a good part of my newspaper column Friday to talk about it.

Below is a video from the reunion, just snippets, plus the videos of those people who stepped in front of the camera to deliver a message to classmates.

My sincere apologies for the sound quality on some of the clips. I had no idea that the DJ's music would be that loud. But then, he probably is familiar with the hearing issues many of us have!

There is always loose talk at these about the next reunion. But I think it's very likely we will have another. And I agree with the folks who said let's do it in five years, not 10. Maybe Dalton Berringer will play a concert for us!

Thank you to all who attended and especially all those who worked sooooo hard to put it on: Randy Carlson and Jim Lindell and others whose names I don't know at the moment, but will highlight in a future post.

I hope to see you all again in five years - and those of you who couldn't attend this year's event.

Go Trojans!