Monday, January 19, 2015

Who's going to the July 11 SWCS reunion? Don't be shy!

JAMESTOWN, New York - A few days ago I posted a notice about the July 11 event in Lakewood - a 60s reunion (the SWCS classes from 1960-1970).

Food, drink, dancing, gossip about high school.

Sounds like fun.

But one of our Class of '66 classmates wondered if there was some way to keep track of who is actually going. It's more fun if you know which of your friends from 49 years ago will be there.

So! Here's my idea.

If you are planning on going to this July 11 soiree, shoot me an email and I put your name on a list on this page of people who say they are going. My name is already up there with a growing list of our classmates... Upper left... Yup...

This isn't a commitment, just information that you intend on going.

July is a long way off - plus July 11 is the day after my birthday so there are serious hangover issues for me to consider. But still.

If you think you are going, let me know!



Here are some photos from the 2011, Class of '66 get together: