Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sue Post's yearbook shot seems, well, better

Sue Post
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JAMESTOWN, New York - There are yearbook shots and there are yearbook shots.

As a photographer, I would argue that the camera never lies, but that would be a lie, too. In the right hands - and now with computer software tools like Photoshop - miracles can happen fairly easily.

Today's picture is of Sue Post, from our Class of '66 yearbook. But if you look at it carefully, you note that it is not the same gray background we all had behind us - it's a studio shot, and damn nice one, too. I remember Sue as being as gorgeous as she is in this shot, so there wasn't much fudging going on with the picture. Perhaps she had the flu the day the yearbook photos were taken and that was the reason for the substitution.

Or maybe she saw her stock shot and said, NO WAY...

Yearbooks have fallen out of vogue at many places - they are very expensive to produce. Some high schools and colleges are going to video yearbooks, but the costs there are steep too, just more modern.

My university hasn't published a yearbook since the 1970s. The local high schools here do some limited stuff - but not with photos of everybody.

So, does anyone know if Sue Post is coming to the Reunion?

And how many people are going to drag along their yearbooks?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Tom Wrinn, mystery man, wearing my glasses

Tom Wrinn
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LAKEWOOD, New York - What was it about the eyeglass industry in the early 1960s?

Could they have designed a more strange-looking frame?

I remember right after graduation that they guys coming back from Vietnam had those cool-looking wire rims - which caught on like wildfire after that.

When I left for California in 1970, I had a pair of wire rims (we called them John Lennon glasses) and by then the U.S. Army had (you guessed it) switched to the plastic frames sported by Tom in this photo and in my yearbook photo, too.

By the way, a few weeks ago I changed my profile picture from the one that is in the SWCS yearbook. I just couldn't look at myself another time in that photo.

Instead, I put up the one you see, taken in a photo booth in downtown Jamestown in 1969 (maybe in Woolworth's). I call it my 'thug mug' and sometimes show it to my students in class, asking them if they recognize who it is. They almost always say that they think it's a member of the IRA. For the record (and the NSA reading my blog) the only IRA I'm personally familiar with is a tax deduction.

Has anyone track down Tom Wrinn? I want to know what kind of frames he's wearing or if he broke down (like I did) and got Lasik surgery.

More on that later...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dancing feet and the Class of '66 reunion

Take the Lead
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - My doctor said my knee is ok for bicycling, tennis, walking, even kicking a soccer ball.

But running is out and so is doing the Twist.

Quelle dommage!

But he said the tango, the East Coast Swing, the stroll, the Hucklebuck (whatever that is!) and pretty much all kinds of weird permutations are ok.

I see that I have been somewhat remiss in posting any blogs (Somewhat?). No excuses from this end. Just some life intervened and so did the opportunity to write a feasibility study for $$$$$$$$.

The consulting fee turned out to be exactly the same as what I paid for a hot tub for my back yard. Isn't it funny how math works sometimes?

While I was dozing at the blog keyboard, I think everyone in the class should have received the link to Lee Anderson's web site. If not, here it is:

  • Homeport

  • Lee's site will detail out why he won't be doing the Twist either, but don't count him out entirely. I used to play tennis against a student of mine who was in a wheelchair.

    You guessed it, he whipped me every set worse than John Rupp used to.

    By the way, send those song requests in. The reunion is about six weeks away.

    Six weeks?