Wednesday, October 25, 2006

July 7 Class Reunion or maybe run with the bulls

PAMPLONA, Spain - The weekend of the proposed SWCS Class Reunion (for classes from 1960-1970) conflicts with the annual running with the bulls in Spain.


So, I suppose, those of you who annually head over for this celebration - to risk getting gored by a raging bull - will miss the fete in Celeron.

But for everyone else considering coming back to the Jamestown area next summer, here's an update from Class of '66 Special Correspondent Randy Carlson:


The 1960-1970 SWCS reunion is off and running. It will be held 7/7/07 Saturday night at the Herman Kent Post American Legion Lodge at 777 Jackson Avenue Celoron (too many 7's not to be lucky).

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at 6:00 and a buffet starting at 7:00. Music, use of the lodge, outside pavilion, outside tents and access to relatively cheap drinks (additional cost) is included. They set a cost of $25.00 per person and due to the capacity of the facility, it will be limited to 500 people.

In order to reserve a spot, checks made out to SWCS 60's Reunion for $25.00 and sent to Ron Ducat at 118 Elizabeth Street, Lakewood, N.Y. 14750 will do it if you are in the first 500 people to respond.

Our class is in a good position as we are the relative few to have this advance notice, only the class of "67", which was to have their 40th next year, is up and running and should have a large representation based on what Andy Robinson related regarding their last gathering.

I'm sure other events during that weekend will be planned, suggestions welcome.



It seems like an event of 500 people, might be, well, an event of 500 people. I went to one of those a couple of weeks ago and although it was fun, it was hard to really get around and talk to many folks.

Really BIG name tags will be a requirement, I think.

Perhaps in honor of the day, we could have our own Class of '66 running of bulls, or at least go out cow-tipping that night after cocktails.

In any event, in case you wonder about what other holidays & events you might miss out on July 7, here's a partial list:

July 7 holidays