Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SWCS reunion at the Silver Gate Yacht Club

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - There was a mini-reunion (very mini) over the past weekend in San Diego between the Class of '66 (represented by me) and the Class of '69 (with delegate Cheryl Aitken-Thompson).

Cheryl is a teacher in San Diego and joined the Admiral and I at the Silver Gate Yacht Club for dinner and glass of wine last weekend. OK, we had more than one glass of wine. OK, we had more than two glasses of wine. Enough questions.

Cheryl has been a Californian for more than 25 years and, like a good Californian, lives in a beautiful condo near La Jolla and has a great swimming pool, where she says she hangs out a lot. She has the tan to prove, too.

She's hoping to attend to the SWCS 10-years-worth-of-classes reunion July 7, but might not be able to make it. That July 7 date is early in the summer for a lot of people, so we might have to have another reunion later in July or even August for all of us SWCS-Jamestown area expatriates.

I noticed riding in Cheryl's car, that when she comes to a curve, instead of stepping the brake, she punches the gas pedal a little, a trick she says she learned from Bud Hooper who always told her to 'power through the curves.'

In her sporty Toyota, we powered quite nicely around the hills of Point Loma. Maybe Bud Hooper should have taught Driver's Education. Hmm... Let's not go there right now.

In other reunion news, Randy Carlson reports that the
10-years-worth-of-classes reunion July 7 will be at American Legion Post No. 777 and that the street address for the place is actually 26 Jackson Avenue in Celeron. His earlier reports might have had those numbers switched around.

Not a big problem Randy. How many American Legion Posts could there possibly be in Celeron anyway?

Uh-oh, I can hear the veterans marching my way right now.

Sound the retreat, amigos...