Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photos of the new track and football field, courtesy of Jim Nelson

LAKEWOOD, New York, USA - Jim Nelson made a trip down memory lane through Lakewood recently, stopping in to visit various folks including Randy Carlson (who is retired!) and Jim Lindell, still in the workforce at his company.

Jim passed along the photos below of the new track and football fields at SWCS. They hardly resemble the muddy football area, I remember. And I still carry a couple of black cinders in my leg from taking a tumble on the track on evening.

At our 40th Class of '66 reunion, a number of classmates responded to the plea from former SWCS gym teacher and coach Tom Priester to help fund this new facility.

Thanks for the photos Jim. Maybe we can have an impromptu football game/track meet next summer when we convene for a 45th Class of '66 reunion in Lakewood.