Saturday, April 09, 2016

A logo - and time to send $$$$ for the Class of '66 reunion

JAMESTOWN, New York - The July 1 & 2 SWCS Class of '66 reunion is coming up fast. Really fast.

Or, as we say in Mexico, muy rapido!

In today's batch of emails, I received the two logos included in this post that will be part of the reunion, somewhere. And given the Bud Light images in the one at the bottom of this page, I see the steady hand of classmate Mike Coon.

The plan is still on meeting up - somewhere - in Bemus Point Friday night for a social soiree. Then Saturday it's at the Chautauqua Suites in Mayville for drinks, dinner and dancing. (Not necessarily in that order, of course. You can dance your way right into the party if you want.)

BUT! If you have not dispatched your $45 per person for the Saturday night event, please do so ASAP.

Make the check out to Randy Carlson and mail it to:

Randy Carlson
35 Gifford Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750

If you forgot allllllllll about sending a check, don't feel bad. You have lots of company. Me included.

See you July 1 in Bemus Point!