Saturday, May 14, 2016

5 more classmates from the Class of '66 50th-reunion rogues' gallery

MAYVILLE, New York - Today's Gang of Five includes two amigos I have kept been in touch with some in the last decade(s) - Ward Romer and Bob Swanson.

Ward lives in Ithaca. Bob is in the Jamestown area. (Sorry Bob, but if I try to guess exactly where you live, I will be way off, probably).

Ward came to last year's SWCS 60s reunion in Lakewood. Bob I have seen a few times here in Schuyler County at the annual Bagley Bash in Valois, NY. I missed that hangover-inducing affair this year. I arrived home to NY too late to make the event.

Here are photos of five more classmates who have said they will see us at Mayville July 2. Maybe in Bemus Point, Friday July 1, too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

More pix of those coming to the Class of '66 50th Reunion

MAYVILLE, New York - Here is another set of five photos taken from our SWCS Class of '66 yearbook. 

These five folks have indicated they will be at the reunion weekend - July 1 and July 2 - in Bemus Point Friday night and Mayville at the Chautauqua Suites Saturday. 

If you haven't told Randy Carlson that you will be attending Saturday's event, let him know ASAP. Just click on his name to get his email link...

In looking through the yearbook for photos, I couldn't find pix for Dee Dee Tyler or Don Larson... If either of those folks - or someone else - has a high school photo of either of them circa 1966, please ship it along to me. I will post it in the next batch.

See you in Bemus and Mayville.