Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few words from Randy Carlson about the upcoming reunion

JAMESTOWN, New York, USA - Randy Carlson asked that I pass along the following about our upcoming reunion(s) - now just 17 days away, as of this missive.

And the photo? From just a few years ago. Recognize everyone?

==========FROM RANDY CARLSON=================
A quick update to answer some questions that we have received from individuals.  The Allen Park Men's Club is not in Allen Park, it is off Norby Road which is off S. Main St. Jamestown.

 Quite a few classmates wanted to attend, can't due to circumstances, but were very interested in seeing what occurred.  Mike Fitz has graciously agreed to post digital pictures on his class web site so bring your digital cameras.

 We believe we have contacted everyone except the 11 we were searching for.  The mailings included a request to notify us if they did not want to receive any further notifications and no one stipulated back so we still have a lot of potential attendees.  Since people wanted to know who has committed so far the list follows, not including the procrastinators.  Thanks.

Randy Carlson,  Craig Fransen,  Mike Coon,  Jim Lindell,  Vern Ahlgren,  Gloria Boutelle,  Lee Johnson,  Larry Nelson,  Ward Romer,  Linda Anderson,  Barb Bunce,  Shirley Adams,  Bob Swanson,  Linda Hetrick,  Kathy Bowman,  Greg Taft Chris Henderson,  John Shultz,  Sue Siecker,  Louie Acquisto,  Mick Olson,  Linda Hanson, and Laura Sweeney.