Friday, April 29, 2016

SWCS class of '66 classmate Jim Carr has passed away

PHOENIX, AZ - Several days ago I received a very odd email from Jim Carr's email account.

It simply said, "Jim is in hospice." 

That was it, nothing else. I responded right away, knowing that he was probably close to passing away. He had been ill for several years, sliding downhill inch by inch. We were in contact. He sometimes would tell me about regulating his pain with various combinations of prescription drugs, alcohol and medical marijuana. We also spent a lot of time walking down the memory lane of our days at SWCS.

I found out about his death from his daughter Lisa, who posted the information below on Facebook.

I have a million stories about Jim Carr. We were close friends in high school and beyond. Along with Bud Hooper and Bob Fulcher and Craig Fransen, we cheated death many times in those growing up years - first in speedboats, on motorcycles and finally cars.

A very young Jim Carr
I'll save those tales for our Class of '66 reunion July 2, at which I'll be making a toast to Jim, who will be missed by many of us.

That's all I can write now. I lost another good friend.