Saturday, June 24, 2006

Becky Scowden-Holmstrom will miss the reunion....

Becky Scowden
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CELERON, New York - I received the missive below from Becky Scowden, sending her regrets that she will not be able to attend our reunion, now just a few weeks away.

We will miss you, Becky!

At the same time, Randy Carlson reports that we have 41 classmates and a total of 71 attendees, with a few more expected.

And while Becky won't with us, another classmate just confirmed - but more on that in a later posting.

Here's the email from Becky:


Hi Mike,

Becky Scowden Holmstrom writing from beautiful downtown Celoron - my e-mail address has changed to so I probably have missed some missives from you. Can't tell you how much I have enjoyed all of the memories from everyone and the great work you have done getting us all fired up for the reunion.

My husband and I are signed up for the festivities but now find out our presence is required for a family function in Chesapeake, Virginia on the same weekend. Please have Randy use the money I sent to pay for teachers or guests or just have a drink on me. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone but it is not going to happen this time.

I have lived in Celoron for 30 years, not far from where Kathy Widrig and Gloria Boutelle grew up, also Jim Jackson, Greg Bachelor, Jim Ceci - all the Celoron crowd - and we all hung out at the Skating Rink. Kathy was an excellent skater, it's hard to believe she is gone.

I work as purchasing manager at Dawson Metal Company in Jamestown. My husband, Dave, is the sales manager and with his line of b.s. he is the man for the job. The website is or when you have a minute to see what we do. I have two daughters, five grandchildren, and Dave has four kids and four grandkids so family is usually at the center of what we do. In May we (just the two of us) got away for a trip to Sweden, Finland and Russia!! Pretty wild - if anyone wants to see any of the 389 pictures we took, just stop by when you have an extra few hours. It was pretty amazing to see that part of the world but it also makes you realize how much we take for granted and how good we have it right here in the good old USA.

Take care, and thanks again for all your efforts.