Saturday, July 22, 2017

A class of '74 SWCS classmate passes away

VALOIS, New York - I received notice today that an SWCS grad from 1974 - Bob Storms - recently passed away.

Bob Storms was the son of the late Bud Storms of Lakewood, a fellow I worked with in 1970 at the old Crown Dental Laboratory in Jamestown. Bud was a clever, outspoken guy and lectured me from time to time about, well, everything. I was 21, he was in his 40s.

We sparred about politics endlessly until the Kent State shootings in May of 1970. He didn't understand why the students would protest and put themselves in harms way. I didn't understand how he couldn't understand.

I learned a lot from him though and I knew how important his family was to him.

One little odd note, a comment on genetics.

In the photo of Bob Storms, there is a reflection - kind of a glint - from a front tooth, as if he had a gold or metal crown on his tooth. His father Bud had a front tooth - right in the same spot - that had an issue. Plus, Bob looks just like Bud in the photo.

RIP Bob Storms, tell your dad hello for me.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Classmate Terry Jenkins has passed away

LAKEWOOD, New York -  I just received notices from several folks that our SWCS classmate Terry Jenkins passed away.

Classmate Bob Swanson sent along the full Lind Funeral Home write up linked below.

I didn't know Terry well. But I do remember that he was first person I ever saw who wore one of those metal key clips on his belt with his car keys and assorted other items.

I remembering thinking, "How cool!"

RIP Terry.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

SWCS 1960-1970s reunion July 3 at Lakewood Rod & Gun

LAKEWOOD, New York - You can't say that alums of Southwestern Central School don't like to get together and have parties.

July 3, the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club will shake, rattle and roll in a 1960-1970s reunion.

After the amazing SWCS Class of '66 reunion last summer, I am sure there is some shake, rattle and roll left in us. 


In any event, all the information is below. It's $20 per person to cover dinner and the party. Festivities begin at 6 p.m., dinner at 7.

For more info, contact Ron Ducat or Brad Zimmer at the phone numbers below.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Bryan Larson comments on Lee Anderson's passing


SWCS Class of '66 Classmate Bryan Larson sent me this email about our late classmate Lee Anderson this morning that he said was ok to share with everyone... Bryan can be contacted by email by clicking in his name above.



Thank you for posting Lee Anderson's passing on our blog. I have known Lee since we were four years old, we played together as kids we went to church and Sunday school
at Gloria Dei Lutheran in Lakewood, and were confirmed from there in 1961.

We remained close friends through grade school and high school. When we graduated from Southwestern Lee enlisted in the Navy in July of 66 and I enlisted in the
Coast Guard in September. We always kept in touch with each other. In 1968 Lee married Marge Chapman, I had the honor of being his best man.

Lee made a career of the Navy serving over 20+ years and retiring as a Chief Petty Officer. After his retirement Lee and Marge moved to Kentucky to try his hand in farming
with his older sister Karen and her husband.

In 2001 Lee was diagnosed with PLS Primary Lateral Sclerosis. He was afflicted with this horrible disease for over 16 years. He fought the long 
fight with the help of his loving wife Marge and his two children Thad and Tammy.


Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Classmate Lee Anderson has passed away

HARRODSBURG, Kentucky - I received word today that classmate Lee Anderson has passed away.

Lee had been ill for some years, though gamely kept his spirits alive and inspired lots of people around him.

I last saw Lee at the our 40th SWCS Class Reunion held in Mayville at Webb's Resort.

That's all to report for the moment. 

Below are several photos I snagged off Lee's Facebook page.

RIP, Lee. Keep the wind at your back.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Forget winter! Summer - and reunion time - is coming

JAMESTOWN, New York - Even if you are still recovering from last summer's SWCS 50th Class of '66 reunion in Mayville, get ready for summer 2017.

Reunion Meister Randy Carlson emailed me the information below, which tells about this summer's soiree in Lakewood.

This is a 1960 to 1970 class reunion.

Phone numbers for Brad Zimmer and Ron Ducat - heading up the effort, a listed on the form, too.

By the way, does anyone have any info about a possible SWCS Class of '67 reunion next summer? I am still trying to track down Sandra Carlson from that class. 

See y'all July 3?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A copy of 'Travels with Charley' in hand - thanks classmates!

POINT RICHMOND, Calif. - My wife Sylvia and I arrived safely here in California a little over a week ago, after driving our Toyota Tundra pickup, heavily ladened with boxes of precious cargo, (ok, a lot of it was junk) from the home we sold in Watkins Glen. 

That was Part I of the trip.

Part II starts in early September when I fly back to New York and grab my other pickup truck - a 1990 Nissan that I will drive slowly across the U.S. back here to California.

Which brings us to John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley. I purchased a copy at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore (an hour ago) using a portion of the gift card you all gave me recently. Perhaps I'll use the balance of that gift card at some Barnes & Noble in some other state.

My driving/camping trip will not be a zip and zoom, cross-country sojourn. Instead, I plan to take a largely blue-highway tour, stopping whenever I feel like it, checking the pulse of communities in several states - a la Travels with Charley.

I won't be retracing Steinbeck's trip. Instead, I will retrace (more or less) my own Travels taken in 1970 in a battered VW bus I bought in Jamestown. That bus would only go 45 mph. My Nissan can do 65 in a pinch. 

In 1970, I followed Interstate 80 from New York, diverting often from the four-lane highway once west of Chicago. 

And I'll do that again, I hope.

Thanks again for the gift card, classmates. I'm putting it to good use.