Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Class of '66 classmate Chris Henderson has passed away

   ROCHESTER, NY - Southwestern Central Class of '66 classmate Chris Henderson passed away January 23. His obituary (listed below) says it was "following a lengthy battle with cancer."
   Chris was the editor of The Trojan (school newspaper) our senior year. And if I remember correctly, he was instrumental in convincing faculty advisor Calvin Hanson to allow John Rupp and I to write a gossip column called "The Eavesdroppers."
   Rupp and I had a great time writing it, though more than once we were threatened with bodily injury for what we had posted about some goings on at the Lakewood Drive-In.
   Chris could have nixed that column at the outset. But he seemed to have a rebellious side to him that didn't show very often, except in quiet ways.

   My other memory of Chris - one that still makes me smile, was during some kind of end of the year show that the class put on. 
   In the skit, Chris played Tom Priester. At the time, then Mr. Priester got a ration of ribbing all the time for teaching girls' PE.
    On one side of the stage was a curtain with bare arms waving and voices saying, 
"Oh Mr. Priester, Mr. Priester, I need a towel, please!!!!"
   The arms and voices, of course, meant to represent the girls' shower room - and just another day in the locker room with the high school girls in his PE classes.
   Chris came on stage from the opposite side, wearing a blindfold and baseball cape, walking tenuously all the across until he clumsily tossed the towels to the waving arms.
   But when he turned and walked back across the stage, you see his blindfold only covered ONE EYE.
   And as Chris walked back across the stage - with the audience just roaring with laughter - Chris had a grin on his face I can still remember.
   Rest in peace Judge Chris. Rest in peace. 


     Christopher Charles Henderson, formerly of Indian Head, Maryland and St. Thomas USVI, passed away in Rochester, NY on January 23, 2018 following a lengthy battle with cancer. He was born in New Rochelle, New York on May 27, 1948. Chris had a great sense of humor and enjoyed playing practical jokes on family and friends.
     You always knew he was up to something by the twinkle in his eyes. He loved travelling to various parts of the world, spending his winters in St. Thomas, keeping up with political news and the stock market and was always willing to share his opinions. He is predeceased by his parents, Charles F. and Jeanne R. Henderson, and his favorite aunt, Frances Henderson. Chris is survived by siblings Candace Larson of Lakewood, NY and Timothy P. (Susan) Henderson Sr. of Pittsford, NY as well as nieces and nephews Kerstin (John) Kenty of Clearwater, Florida, Shannon (Stan Horan) Larson of Kona, Hawaii and Deirdre (Blake) Luvon of Twisp, Washington, T. Parker (Jessica) Henderson Jr. of Hilliard, Ohio, Christopher (Frances Miller) Henderson of Chicago, Illinois, and Laura (Matthew) Dudek of Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition, he has nine great nieces and nephews. Chris is a 1966 graduate of Southwestern Central High School (Jamestown, NY), received his BA from Dartmouth College in 1970 followed by his attainment of a JD degree from Georgetown University Law Center (1973). Upon graduation, he was the law clerk for the highly respected Judge Herbert Stern in New Jersey. Chris then served in the US Navy JAG Corps from 1975 -1979. 
     Chris was a partner in the law firm of Digges & Henderson in LaPlata, Maryland and was named and elected Associate Judge in the Seventh Judicial Circuit for Charles County from 1996 until his retirement in 2008. 
     Of note, he presided over the longest criminal trial in Charles County history. Chris was a member of the District of Columbia Bar, State Court of Military Appeals Bar, Maryland State Bar Association and Charles County State Bar (President 1994). He was also a Director of the Charles County Freedom Landing (1990 - 1996) as well as Mattawoman Creek Art Center (1996). 
     A Celebration of Life will be held in LaPlata, Maryland with his remains being scattered at a later date in his beloved St. Thomas. Memorials can be made to the Mattawoman Creek Art Center ( of which Chris was an avid supporter.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Dan Harp, SWCS Class of 1964 passes away

   PROVIDENCE, R.I. - I just received word today that Dan Harp, SWCS Class of 1964 and older brother of Class of '66 classmate JoAnne Harp passed away in October.
    Dan and I worked together at Lakewood Beach as lifeguards the summer of 1966.
    He was sort of a gentle giant, it seemed to me. He taught me the ropes of what lifeguards really do. And he was a good mentor about what college would be like.
    I'll probably write more about him at another time. 
    But for now, RIP Dan Harp. 

LINK to Obituary.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A class of '74 SWCS classmate passes away

VALOIS, New York - I received notice today that an SWCS grad from 1974 - Bob Storms - recently passed away.

Bob Storms was the son of the late Bud Storms of Lakewood, a fellow I worked with in 1970 at the old Crown Dental Laboratory in Jamestown. Bud was a clever, outspoken guy and lectured me from time to time about, well, everything. I was 21, he was in his 40s.

We sparred about politics endlessly until the Kent State shootings in May of 1970. He didn't understand why the students would protest and put themselves in harms way. I didn't understand how he couldn't understand.

I learned a lot from him though and I knew how important his family was to him.

One little odd note, a comment on genetics.

In the photo of Bob Storms, there is a reflection - kind of a glint - from a front tooth, as if he had a gold or metal crown on his tooth. His father Bud had a front tooth - right in the same spot - that had an issue. Plus, Bob looks just like Bud in the photo.

RIP Bob Storms, tell your dad hello for me.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Classmate Terry Jenkins has passed away

LAKEWOOD, New York -  I just received notices from several folks that our SWCS classmate Terry Jenkins passed away.

Classmate Bob Swanson sent along the full Lind Funeral Home write up linked below.

I didn't know Terry well. But I do remember that he was first person I ever saw who wore one of those metal key clips on his belt with his car keys and assorted other items.

I remembering thinking, "How cool!"

RIP Terry.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

SWCS 1960-1970s reunion July 3 at Lakewood Rod & Gun

LAKEWOOD, New York - You can't say that alums of Southwestern Central School don't like to get together and have parties.

July 3, the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club will shake, rattle and roll in a 1960-1970s reunion.

After the amazing SWCS Class of '66 reunion last summer, I am sure there is some shake, rattle and roll left in us. 


In any event, all the information is below. It's $20 per person to cover dinner and the party. Festivities begin at 6 p.m., dinner at 7.

For more info, contact Ron Ducat or Brad Zimmer at the phone numbers below.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Bryan Larson comments on Lee Anderson's passing


SWCS Class of '66 Classmate Bryan Larson sent me this email about our late classmate Lee Anderson this morning that he said was ok to share with everyone... Bryan can be contacted by email by clicking in his name above.



Thank you for posting Lee Anderson's passing on our blog. I have known Lee since we were four years old, we played together as kids we went to church and Sunday school
at Gloria Dei Lutheran in Lakewood, and were confirmed from there in 1961.

We remained close friends through grade school and high school. When we graduated from Southwestern Lee enlisted in the Navy in July of 66 and I enlisted in the
Coast Guard in September. We always kept in touch with each other. In 1968 Lee married Marge Chapman, I had the honor of being his best man.

Lee made a career of the Navy serving over 20+ years and retiring as a Chief Petty Officer. After his retirement Lee and Marge moved to Kentucky to try his hand in farming
with his older sister Karen and her husband.

In 2001 Lee was diagnosed with PLS Primary Lateral Sclerosis. He was afflicted with this horrible disease for over 16 years. He fought the long 
fight with the help of his loving wife Marge and his two children Thad and Tammy.


Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Classmate Lee Anderson has passed away

HARRODSBURG, Kentucky - I received word today that classmate Lee Anderson has passed away.

Lee had been ill for some years, though gamely kept his spirits alive and inspired lots of people around him.

I last saw Lee at the our 40th SWCS Class Reunion held in Mayville at Webb's Resort.

That's all to report for the moment. 

Below are several photos I snagged off Lee's Facebook page.

RIP, Lee. Keep the wind at your back.