Thursday, September 01, 2005

Grey Goose mini-golf tourney at Webb's?

MAYVILLE, New York - For some reason, now that I am 2,500 miles away from Lake Chautauqua, I'm thinking more about our reunion than when I was a couple of hours away in Valois.

(Note to self: get new wheels for next year's high school class reunion. Showing up in late mother-in-law's ancient white Buick would be very uncool.)

I guess part of what prompted me to be thinking about next July was an email from Barb Bunce Garlock, saying that she and her husband and some other Pittburgh folks were thinking about making reservations at Webb's for the reunion weekend.

It's on my 'to-do list,' also, though the way my life seems to bounce, I hate making something that definite for nearly 11 months from now. I could be somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica on my sailboat dodging hurricanes the way things are going.

But that brings me to a serious topic: golf.

Serious? Well, okay, not that serious.

Back when we were all learning to play golf in high school in P.E. - and my mother was so intent that I learn that she paid for some private lessons - my myopia prevented me from doing much except digging trenches all over anywhere I attempted to tee off. Since getting eye surgery, I can whack a ball pretty well, but because I never really got into it, I won't be joining anyone on any golfing expeditions that are part of the reunion. (Unless we went somewhere with electric golf carts, I love to careen around in those like Rodney Dangerfield.)

But I see that Webb's Resort has its own miniature golf course, so maybe we can put together a few rounds of that with an appropriate trophy and recognition at our dinner soiree. Besides, it's much easier to carry around a tall, iced glass filled with Grey Goose & collins mix while playing the miniature version anyway.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Reunion is official - now we have T-shirts

LAKEWOOD, New York - Sometime in the next day or so you should receive an email with more details about next July's Class of '66 reunion and a form to fill out about what events you will attend, food you want, and other sundries.

But today, here's a preview of the T-shirts you can purchase. Sweatshirts will also be available.

Randy Carlson has been sending me names for the email list. And if you are getting your email, you should be receiving the updates. A gaggle of people who work at Cummins should have their emails forwarded in the next few days, too, which will put us well over 50 members of the Class of '66 in email contact.

School has started for me in California so for a few days, I won't have much to say here, as I am already swamped with requests for advising, lectures to prepare, university committees to wiggle out of, and which student start-of-the-semester keg party to go to this Friday night. (Ok, the last one isn't real...)

But I'm still pondering the Class of '66 Yahoo website conversation about the different societies we had within high school, Lakewood vs. Busti, etc... And who, exactly were the 400s?

Later on that, though. I have a class in 20 minutes and undergraduate noggins to start knocking on.