Thursday, June 30, 2016

A chance to say hello via video Saturday night

MAYVILLE, New York - Saturday night at the SWCS Class of '66 reunion, I will have a video camera set up for classmates who want to record a short memory from our high school years - or just comment.

This is partly for classmates who could not attend the festivities to get a look at those of us there - and hear our voices.

Plus, for people who do attend, this will be a keepsake, sort of.

So, what to say?

Well, here's some suggestions for comments:

• A favorite memory from high school
• A least-favorite memory
• Comment about a teacher
• Comment about classmates
• Favorite class
• Least favorite class
• What you would do if you could go back

The comments don't need to be lengthy at all - and this is strictly voluntary.

See you all tomorrow night in Bemus Point and Saturday in Mayville.