Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fast start for the SWCS Class of '66 40th reunion

See Zurh House scene
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BEMUS POINT, New York - The first night of the Class of '66 reunion got off to a great start with members of the class, spouses, friends and people from other SWCS classes swarming the sidewalk in front of the See Zurh House, all chattering like monkeys.

And, as a total blast from the past, several folks got yelled at by the See Zurh House folks for wandering around off the premises with beers in their hands.

Boy did that bring back memories!

The hardest part was getting to talk with people for more than two seconds. As soon as I would get chatting, I would spot someone who had just arrived who I wanted to greet. And there were some folks I never did get a chance to talk to, like Jim Nelson. Maybe tonight.

My wife Sylvia took a lot of photos and I have posted some with this blog. Flashes were going off all night and I hope that some of those photos get emailed to me and, if so, I'll try to post them here or on my page.

Tonight is round II at Webb's Resort where after hours of testing our vocal chords (and capacity for imbibing various beverages) last night at the See Zurh House, we will add fine dining and some dancing.

Shelly & Cory Kales & Fitz
Shelly Kales, Cory Kales & Fitz

Linda Davidson, Darlene Gavert & Kathy Anderson
Linda Davidson, Darlene Gavert & Kathy Anderson

Outside the See Zurh House
Jack Eckdahl talking to Fitz

Dan Flanagan, Class President & First Lady
Class President Dan Flanagan with First Lady

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson, tan, fit & rested

Cathy Lindstrom Prince
Cathy Lindstrom Prince - she made it!

Celeste Windoft, Mike Coon & Dana Bolles
Celeste Windoft Bolles, Mike Coon & Dana Bolles

Dianne Hagglund, Linda Davidson, Marianne Jim & Linda Anderson
Dianne Hagglund, Linda Davidson, Marianne Jim & Linda Anderson

Thursday, July 13, 2006

If it's Friday, you should be in Bemus Point...

High school reunion
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BEMUS POINT, New York - Actually, it's Thursday, now that I think about it. But by this time tomorrow, the Buick will be huffing and puffing its way to Bemus Point and Mayville for the Class of '66 reunion.

Bud Hooper graciously offered to pick us up if the Buick dies within a hundred miles of Jamestown. I hope I don't have to take him up on it. But Bud, keep the engine warm in your car.

I received an email from Dan Flanagan yesterday that he was on his way to the airport to fly in. He sounded quite stoked.

Perhaps we should reelect him class president this weekend.

In the meantime, Pat Levin - who had been planning on attending for many months - emailed to say she will not be able to make it after all. She is dealing with a family matter but sent along her best wishes to all of the class.


On to Bemus Point, amigos.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chautauqua Lake is waiting for us...

Chautauqua Lake Map
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LAKEWOOD, New York - I probably won't get too much chance to explore around the lake, but when I saw this map online, it reminded me of all the places around the shore where I used to visit in my 14-foot MFG ski boat, or aboard Jim Carr's Chris-Craft, Craig Fransen's Century or Bud Hooper's Cutter.

Long Point, Midway Park, Bemus Point, magic names in the past... We sometimes ventured as far at the Chautauqua Institution in search of adventure (read: girls).

Not much to tell about those forays, unfortunately.

Century Ski Boat
A Century ski boat - check the name

If the weather cooperates, some boating might be in order Saturday. I see that there is a marina across the street from Webb's Resort that rents all type of watercraft - some of it pretty fast, it looks like.

Or perhaps a cruise on a patio boat might be more in style for 2006.

Patio Boat
Patio boat classic

We'll have to see what kind of weather we have Saturday - and what kind of shape we're in for boating or any exposure to bright sunlight.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A few words about attire for Saturday night

MAYVILLE, New York - I received a couple of emails inquiring about what to wear Saturday night when we gather at Webb's to dine, dance and tell wild tales about our youth - and impending retirements.

My wife Sylvia will tell you how hysterical it is to ask ME about clothing.

But, as Allan Winger has noted, sometime months ago when the matter came up, I mentioned that I would be dressed 'casually.' I can't tell you what that translates to Saturday night until I look and see what I packed in my bag. But I only own one tie and it hangs in my office in case I have a member of the state university board of trustees on campus - or an interview for a consulting job.

I did run across some interesting photos when I went looking for some illustrations for this brief blog.

Take this dress for example:
Queen dress

or this shot of a guy in a tuxedo:
How about a tux?

Doubtful we will see anyone wearing anything approaching those Saturday night. Or Friday! Don't forget the See Zurh House soiree.

I also went searching for 'casual clothes' and found all kinds of wild photos including some of 1970s vintage leisure suits. I thought it might be funny to post a few mini-skirt shots, but most of the ones I saw were, well, you can Google 'mini-skirt' yourself, but keep the grandkids away from the screen

See you for a casual Friday and Saturday night...

Class of '66 reunion - a photographer's paradise

Digital Camera Grande
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MAYVILLE, New York - With the reunion only a few days away, this is a gentle reminder that you might want to bring your cameras to the events. Many of our classmates who are unable to attend are going to want to see who was there and what went on.

And yes, they also are curious what the 58-year-old versions of of us look like, compared to those yearbook pix.

As Randy Carlson emailed me, "What happens in Mayville does not necessarily stay in Mayville."

I wish my camera was as impressive as the unit in the photo with today's blog, but, well, it's not. Still, my Nikon Coolpix does a good job. (Thank God for autofocus, though.)

On another note, we all need to say thank you to Becky Scowden, who unfortunately will not be attending the reunion, after initially thinking she would be coming to Bemus and Mayville. The money she sent in will be used to pay for the class "brick." Thanks Becky!
Becky Scowden

I'll be doing a brick for classmate John Rupp - it was one of the last things he said before passing away.

I also received the following photo (to update the one I ran several days ago) from Jim and Pam Carr, with their son Michael, after he received his master's degree this spring in Boston.

The Carrs

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Gary Shenkle's 'sort-of tribute' to Gene Pitney

Gene Pitney
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SPOKANE, Washington - Had Gary Shenkle remained at SWCS, he would have graduated with us as a member of the Class of '66, no doubt getting in the same trouble we did.

He certainly showed a talent for it before his family wisked him away to Wallingford, Conn. around our sophomore year. Gary and I and Craig Fransen and Tom Short (Class of '67) spread chaos for several summers before Gary left. He went on to graduate from dental school, practiced dentistry for awhile and eventually went to law school, hanging out his shingle now in eastern Washington.

Gary still has a great sense of humor (probably has to, to be a lawyer). Here's what he said in his email:


Mike, dude-
Please extend my warmest to any of the ole gang that still gives a damn. Expecially [sic] Craig, Ward, of course, YOU. Give yourself a pat on the back from me for an excellent job.
BTW, as a PI attorney, if anyone slips or falls, give 'em my name and address!


He can't make the reunion - his work as a lawyer in Washington is keeping him from swilling beer, wine and Grey Goose with us - but he did send along his list of songs that he would like to hear.

And the 'sort of tribute' to Gene Pitney? Well, read his list below.

"G's" top ten songs from the 60's and his least favourite ones too:

#1- Turn, turn, turn - The Byrds [from Ecclesiastes]
#2- Somethin's Happenin' Here - .... BFLO Springfield
#3- Woudn't It Be Nice - Beach Boys
#4- Don't Worry Baby - Beach Boys
#5- Hawiian Love Song - Elvis Presley
#6- Hey Little Cobra - The Rhipcords
#7- Little Deuce Coupe - Beach Boys
#8- Little Red Rooster - Rolling Stones
#9- Walk Don't Run - ... ??? [BOTH Versions]
#10- Be True To Your School - Beach Boys [but only while i was at SWCS]


#10- Those "Paul and Paula" things - Paul and Paula ????

#9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Town Without Pity - Gene Pitney