Sunday, February 28, 2016

Still searching for these SWCS Class of '66 classmates

JAMESTOWN, New York - This just in from Randy Carlson:

"We have contacted - and probably reached - everyone in our graduating class except for the following classmates: 

Diane Delancey Nolly, Coleen Hare Stiles, Ellen Hurt, 
Darlene Kotterass Pattyson, John Limberg, Dan Loucks, 
Denise Norell, Debbie Stabler Melec, Ann Sivi Johnson, 
Diane Thorp Hackett and Tom Wrinn
Winnie and Sandy Ahlgren have checked Facebook and other sources.  Other classmates have chipped in with whatever they knew would be helpful. Many thanks to them.  We seem to be down to this eleven classmates. 

If you have any information that could help in finding them, please email me at  Thank you."

In case you want to check out what happened at our 40th Class Reunion - here's a link to a posting about the first night's festivities:

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