Monday, March 06, 2006

A quick link to see the weather in Lakewood NY

Lakewood weather link
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LAKEWOOD, N.Y. - I added a new link to this web page today - a quick button that takes you directly to the site for Lakewood.

I already have the page bookmarked on this computer (along with Sacramento, San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta and Valois, N.Y. I tend to linger on the Puerto Vallarta page.).

For the past two summers in New York, I've used the radar function on the site to help me plan each day - sometimes hour by hour. Two years ago, when it rained like hell all the time, I would scan the radar for a weather window and then charge out of the house when an hour or so of sun seemed likely. My neighbors all started watching me for cues, heading out on the lake when they heard my outboard start.

I thought the site might come in handy when it gets closer to July and the reunion and the hard decisions we need to face: Raincoat? Shorts? T-shirt? Windbreaker?

It's nearly spring already in California and I know that false spring is probably starting to tickle Chautauqua County. I remember getting all excited this time of the year as the ice would leave the lake suddenly and the grass would start appearing in patches as snow melted. Visions of my ski boat skimming across the water would be dancing in my brain while I was supposed to be paying attention to Ed Smith in physics. Ed would catch me daydreaming a lot.

Then, a blizzard would come in (usually around Easter) and that was the end of that daydream until May when the snow really was gone.

More on daydreams another time. But for now, hit the link and then plug in your zip code, too for a forecast.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jamestown High School Class of '66 reunion

Jamestown High School
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JAMESTOWN, N.Y. - Jamestown High School is having its Class of '66 40th reunion the same weekend as we are.

Their reunion, at least from what I understand right now, will be at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club.

No kidding.

Too bad the Pastime is gone. We could have had a competing social event across the canal that separates the two places. Talk about old times.

I spent one hot summer at Jamestown High School, taking algebra from a Mr. Rizzo who was far better teaching than Carl Rennells at SWCS. Or maybe it was just that Rizzo scared us all into studying. I passed with flying colors at the end of the summer, swearing I would never spend another summer at Jamestown High School. Remember life before air conditioning?

I also remember we had a fellow in that class, from Jamestown High, whose name was Attila. I'm not kidding. His last name was something close to Quataroli. But don't try to look him up in the phone book with that spelling. He was a purported tough guy, who I spotted carrying his mother's groceries down the street later that summer. Even tough guys have moms, I suppose

I know during our high school years, there wasn't too much socializing with Jamestown High School. If I remember correctly, Jamestown HS was sort of the 800-pound gorilla, while we were a more modest weight.

But after graduation, when we would all return to Jamestown from various colleges, or tours of duty overseas, the playing field was more level and the rivalry less intense. Conversations were almost possible.

Here in California, I occasionally run into Jamestown High grads - all of us refugees from the snow. It's always fun to talk with them about the Pub and some of those joints down on Second Street where you could sneak in 17 (17? How about 16?) and get a beer.

Uh-oh, I hear the whistle of the Nostalgia Express and I don't have time to ride that train today.

But start your countdown clocks, July is just around the corner.