Monday, September 18, 2006

Class reunion in works for 10 years of graduates

JAMESTOWN, New York - Sue Siecker sent me the clip below from the Post-Journal about planning efforts for a reunion of SWCS graduating classes from 1960 to 1970.

Think how old those class of 1960 people must be! Think how young those 1970 grads are. Young punks, I bet.
In any event, it might be that the Class of '66 could somehow time our visit/reunion/soiree/fete the same weekend. Perhaps someone on the ground there (Helloooooooo Randy!) could get in touch with folks organizing this 10-year deal and see what's up?

While all that's happening, I'll drag out my battered issue of the Centralian, and also set plans for a walking tour of downtown Busti. Bob Swanson has promised to be my guide, but because there aren't any wineries, we will have to carry some along as he points out the notable landmarks.

Reunion graphic