Thursday, June 11, 2015

A quick July 11, SWCS 60's reunion reminder

LAKEWOOD, New York - SWCS grads from the 1960s will be gathering at the American Legion in Lakewood July 11, starting at 6 p.m.

The LAKEWOOD American Legion, amigos... 

And the deadline for signing up was May 1.... (Whoopsie, you are thinking)

Well, I forgot also, but just dispatched a check so I could go. Call or email - there is probably still time.

Tom Terrific
It's going to be great fun. And if you are a member of the Class of '66, be sure to bring your Tom Terrific Thinking Cap so we can all talk about what kind of whiz-bang reunion we will have next year - and our 50th...

OH MY GOD! 50!

Reprinted below is the announcement of this year's reunion.

See you in Lakewood, July 11 - I hope!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Mini-reunions get SWCS Class of '66 classmates together

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The fellow approaching me at The Green Festival in Washington, D.C. this weekend kept angling right for me as we approached walking from opposite ends of the exhibition.

I figured, a process server, a cop - or if I am lucky, a fan of one of my novels.

It turned out I was wrong, except that maybe now SWCS Class of '66 classmate Bryan Larson might read The Fracking War and/or Fracking Justice.

Bryan lives in the D.C. area and made a special trip into downtown just to check in with me. What a nice thing to do. 

We chatted briefly - I was scheduled to speak within a few minutes. But it's amazing how much you can catch up on in a short time. And Bryan says he will be coming to next year's 50th reunion for the Class of '66. So, who will raise their hand to help with that?

Ward Romer
Three days before that, I was signing copies of Fracking Justice at a launch party in Hector, NY when Ward Romer - yes that Ward Romer - suddenly hove into view with a book in his hand for me to sign. Ward had driven over from Ithaca where he lives now safely retired. We caught up a little bit, but not nearly enough.

I did tell him briefly about Dan Sundquist's visit earlier in the month.

Dan and his wife Sara were just starting out from their New Hampshire home on a cross-county odyssey that will take them eventually to California before returning home. Dan's life tale would take many pages and is best told to you by Dan himself.

Suffice it to say he's happy, healthy, and living the good life.

Dan Sundquist and Michael Fitzgerald
Watkins Glen, NY

Three SWCS Class of '66 classmate encounters in such a short time span has my heading spinning with memories. Dan and I chatted about the Latin teacher (Miss Cook?), the football coach (Ed Stupka) and even our music teacher, Dalton Berringer who introduced many of us at SWCS to jazz.

Dan, by the way, is a musical guy and got my 8-string ukulele in tune so I can play it again.

July 11 there will be a reunion for any SWCS grads from the 1960s. Even though it's the day after my birthday, I'm going to try to make my way west from Watkins Glen to Jamestown... 

Here's the details on that upcoming reunion: REUNION INFO.