Thursday, July 16, 2015

SWCS Class of '66 Classmate Linda Carlson Larson is ill

NINEVEH, Indiana - I heard via Cathy Lindstrom Prince that our classmate, Linda Carlson - who became Linda Carlson-Larson when she and married - is quite ill.

Cathy suggested anyone who would like to reach out to Linda and Steve, can do so by emailing them at this address:

Steve and Linda Larson
86965 South Bergman Dr. 
Nineveh, Indiana 46164

As soon as I can find a stamp, my note is on its way.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The SWCS Class of '66 reunion is on! Are you coming?

LAKEWOOD, New York - Now that the date for the 50th reunion of the Class of '66 is set (July 2, 2016), the next question is: Are you coming?

Survivors of July's SWCS 60s reunion at the Lakewood Legion 
The on-the-ground organizing team in Lakewood/Jamestown is scouting sites and would like to get a rough head count to know how big a venue to secure. (My vote? Huge! Huge!)

Sooooo... if you think that July 2, 2016 is a good date to come and have a party with classmates, please let Randy Carlson know.

This is Randy's email.

And as soon as you say "I'm in!" I will post your name on the Class of '66 website in the upper left hand corner. Even if you are not 100 percent sure, raise your hand anyway... If later on you can't make it, well, someone can give you a hall pass.

And please, if you have ideas for the reunion of any kind, please pass those along, too...

In separate post in the next week (or so!), I'll be asking people for contact information for some of our classmates with whom I have lost touch.

Did I really say, with whom? My SWCS English teachers would be proud.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

SWCS Class of '66 50th reunion is ON! July 2, 2016...

LAKEWOOD, New York - There was a rocking party Saturday night in Lakewood at the American Legion Hall on Chautauqua Avenue. Southwestern Central grads from 1960 to 1969 took to the dance floor (and the buffet table and bar, of course) for a great evening of fun.

In addition, there was a quorum of members of the Class of '66, who decided after much deliberation (okay not too much deliberation) that July 2, 2016 should be the date for our 50th Class of 1966 reunion.
Yup, looks like this is the right place...

Where will it be held?

Come on! Imagine how much wine, beer and buffet had to be consumed just to pick a date!

But watch this space (and for emails) in coming months. Plus, if you have ideas about where to hold the reunion, what activities you want, what retired SWCS teachers to cajole into coming - and anything else - pass them along to either Randy Carlson's EMAIL or to my EMAIL.

Going straight to Randy is more expeditious because if something comes to me, I will likely end up forwarding it to him.

The Saturday 60s reunion was a lot more fun than I anticipated. The Class of '66 was well represented with Linda Davidson, Barb Bunce, Cathy Lindstorm, Gloria Boutelle, Dianne Hagglund, Becky Scowden, Craig Fransen, Ward Romer, Mike Coon, Gary Lucas, Shirley Adams, Linda Anderson, Randy Carlson, Jim Lindell, Peggy Putney, and, well, me.

My apologies to the Class of '66 women listed for using their maiden names. But I knew I would slaughter their married names. Instead, I trusted my SWCS Class of '66 Yearbook to get things right.

Also, if you were at the reunion and I missed your name - lemme know right away and I will add it.

Below are some pix from Saturday's festivities. Yes, I am in a lot of them. And that's because my wife Sylvia Fox was shooting the photos.

If you have pix from Saturday and would like them posted on this site, please send them along.

In the meantime, SAVE July 2, 2016 for the SWCS Class of '66 50th Reunion.

With Barb Bunce

Millie and Mike Coon

With Cathy Lindstrom 

Barb Bunce, Cathy Lindstrom, Ward Romer, me, and Linda Davidson
Barb Bunce, Cathy Lindstrom, Ward Romer, me, Shirley Adams, Linda Davidson & Dianne Haaglund

The food - and beverage - line

Shirley Adams and Barb Bunce

Conferring with Randy Carlson and Jim Lindell

The dance floor was hopping for hours

Saying adios to Barb Bunce and Cathy Lindstrom