Saturday, May 05, 2018

Class of '66 classmate Bill Taylor has passed away

   WATERVLIET - Class of '66 Classmate Bill Taylor passed away in April, apparently of a heart attack.

     Bill was 69.

     According to his younger brother Pete, no services are planned and as per Bill's wishes he was cremated.

     Bill was not doing well - health-wise - and was living alone at the time of his death.
     That's all the details we have at the moment.


SnoresLikeBuffalo said...

I last saw Bill in 1973. He was very happy then and we "double-dated". We lost touch when I moved to NYC. I've been wondering what he's been up to, and am saddened by his death. Farewell, Bill!

Richard Atcheson said...

Like many of you I lost track of bill especially when his folks moved away but I do remember fond times in his pool and basketball in the driveway