Thursday, June 23, 2016

Urgent call for Class of '66 photos for the July 1&2 reunion!

BEMUS POINT & MAYVILLE, New York - If you have any historical photos from our high school years - maybe of plays, sports, parties, dances, or whatever - please bring them along to the class reunion.

Randy Carlson will be setting up bulletin boards where they can be posted on display.

You will get them returned. The display will be just for the reunion.

Personally, I wish I had been shooting photos a lot in those days, especially of our off-campus activities. Then again, maybe it's just as good we don't have any photographic evidence lurking.

Below are few shots from our SWCS Yearbook of stage plays our classmates were involved in. I suspect many classmates who were in the casts - or working behind the scenes - have less formal shots that would be fun to see.

Bring your photos to the reunion, please!

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